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Go Out or Stay In

This has to be the hardest question for me to answer…I always love to go out and see new things and have some fun but and there is always that but…I love being home I don’t have to put on a face and act like nothings wrong to go out and see people I can just stay in and be me and deal with all my own little insecurities in my own home.

But in Second Life well the answer is simple…..lets go out we can take the boat…or hey lets stay in we can soak in the hot tub…either way its going to be fun.

Go Out or Stay inΒ Magika Hair [HUD 01] No

LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

DeeTalez Β LeLutka Heads β€œFaceΒ Joice SE” Mixed // Uber

Kibitz – Alexys Nose Chain – Gold

Kibitz – Choker Rosary – Gold

Kibitz – Figaro Chain Necklace – Gold

{ Toxic Candy } Cordiale Outfit – G

Bleich – Mesh Mine Bag – Black

::::ChicChica:::: Loreighn Noir (Slink, Maitreya High)

[La Baguette] Splendour Pose 4

Mwuahs xxx

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Do you remember those days

Do you remember those days we would be lost in conversation and it seemed like we were the only people in the world and nothing else mattered….Do you remember those days when we said that we would always be together….Do you remember those days we said we loved each other……

Seems like a distant faded memory now.

This one

So Yay! I finished my new house and land and I couldn’t be happier with it and I’m sure you will be seeing plenty of blog posts coming from inside and out over the next few weeks.

So today I wanted to share with you this adorable dress from {Toxic Candy} I love the country feel that comes through I love how its casual but yet soft and pretty. You can grab this in a few different colors depending on your mood I went for the pink cause that’s my mood today πŸ™‚ This dress is called Charlotte which just so happens to be one of my favorite female names.

TRUTH HAIR – Carrie – Variety

LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

DeeTalez Β LeLutka Heads “FaceΒ Joice SE” Mixed // Uber

{ Toxic Candy } Charlotte Dress

[.LAYOVER.] Β Super Fringe Crossbody [Cranberry]

Cae :: Bella Notte :: Collection – Necklace & Earrings

Β { DATUM } Emmanuel Tattoo

Alchemy/Birdy – Sassy Cat – B – Siamese

Del May – Body Check – Pose

Mwuahs xxx

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The Summoning

I needed a break from being so serious so I was playing around in my inventory and found some items of darkness that I love that I wanted to pull out and mess around with. I don’t know why I buy items and they get buried in my inventory that I forget about them but I am really going to try to be better with things I purchase.

Not that you can really see it in this picture but I bought the most beautiful castle ruin from Project Limited by TRIIN I love it and I got both a day and night version with it and I really can’t wait to use it more because of the beautiful textures and stairs which will just make such lovely photos.

The Summoning

*ARGRACE* UREI – Dark Brown

LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Glam Affair (Lelutka Heads) Karin Applier [Artic]

Glam Affair (Lelutka Heads) Orchidea Lips Applier 10

{Toxic Candy} Ensemble Almeria – Collar and Dress

[La Baguette] Fallen 4 Pose

Che Bella // Summoning Circle Two


:: KUSTOM9 :: Collabor88 Eyes Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Poses Secondlife Fashion Skin Wizarding Faire Womens Fashion

Listen can you hear that….

I have madly fallen in love with ~ Bella Pace~ which means its time to change over my piece of land and home again. I just want to be able to sit uninterrupted and listen to life as it Β develops around me….isn’t that a beautiful dream isn’t that something we could all strive for the peace and tranquility to be ale to be comfortable within ones own mind.

So many amazing areas with in this beautiful sim I really can’t get enough of it and exploring it and taking it all in has become my little escape that I need more and more.

I really admire the talent the eye of beauty that these sim designers have. The patience that one must have to create and make perfect and leave it as it is as I tend to find myself picking each little thing I do to pieces because I cant see it as perfect….maybe there is something wrong with me?

Hear me

::Exile:: Moonlight Stroll Brown // Collabor88

IKON Odyssey Eyes – Moor

*League* LeLutka Head Applier Luna – Fair – Set 1

:Moon Amore: Luise – Tiny Flowers Tiara (Mint) // :: KUSTOM9 ::

LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Kibitz – Dethly Hallows Charm Necklace // Wizarding Faire

Cae :: Always :: Necklace // Wizarding Faire

{Toxic Candy} Cassandra Ruffle Mini Dress G // New TYΒ β™₯

{Imeka} Loli Pose – 8 // :: KUSTOM9 ::

Destinations Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion

Come find me when you find yourself….

I feel like a ghost like Im fading away. I need you to bring me back to make me feel whole.

Your smile your laugh the way your eyes find my soul and fill me with happiness.

I miss you.

Come find me when you find yourself…..Embrace it


Hair ~ .Olive. Hair Steffi – Dark Fades

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes ~ [Buzzeri] Bewitched Eyes – Winter

Eye Makeup ~ +Nuuna+ Lelutka Applier LYRE

Lips ~ Glam Affair (Lelutka Mesh Heads) Orchidea Lips Applier 10

Skin ~ Glam Affair (Lelutka Heads) Karin Applier [ Artic]

Necklace ~ Izzie’s Arrowhead Necklace

Outfit ~ {Toxic Candy} Rio Tank top Shorts III

Shoes ~ .HW. Darcy – Platforms Black (Slink Flat)

Pose ~ [La Baguette] Splendour

Destination ~ Sinners Heaven

Mwuahs xxx

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All dressed up and alone

So many beautiful places to visit in SL and so many places which would be perfect for that first date, anniversary or just a fun night out.

Once upon a time I used to be able to enjoy these areas until I realized I wanted to enjoy it more in the real world.

Relaxing on my Sunday off and my hubby tells me to dress up cause we are going out tonight…oh if only I had the sl wardrobe to play with lol.

All dressed up and alone


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR – Carrie – Variety

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Skin ~ PUMEC Inga Skin – Spring (LeLutka Applier)

Eyes ~ IKON Odyssey Eyes – Moor

Jewellery ~ *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set Black

Dress ~ {Toxic Candy} Nat Dress J // New

Heels ~ Essenz – Cape Town – Black

Pose ~ [La Baguette] Splendour

Destination ~ Cafe Rosewater – Crestwick Island

Mwuahs xxx

Destinations Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion


Time to Explore SL and to keep myself occupied so I decided to visit Crestwick where I had seen some very talented people take some beautiful photos.

I used the region wind light and wandered around enjoying all it had to offer finding some quiet little private places and some really beautiful set up areas to take pictures like the cafe.

Busy busy place lots of people using it for the exact reason its so popular taking pictures… I decided to walk back to the main start area and take a couple which I liked πŸ™‚

If your looking for another beautiful place to explore Crestwick Island wont disappoint.


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR – Bronwyn – variety // New

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Skin ~ [PUMEC] Renata Skin Summer (LeLutka Applier)

Necklace ~ (Yummy) Bombshell Beads – Cherry

Shirt ~ -tres blah- Open Collar Blouse – White

Jeans ~ {Toxic Candy} Corail Ripped Jean BF

Heels ~ Pure Poison – Andreea Pumps – Cayene // New Gacha

Bag ~ Bleich – Mesh Ghost Bag – Red // Past Kustom 9

Pose ~ [La Baguette] Busty IV Pose

Destination ~ Crestwick Island

Mwuahs xxx

Crestwick Back

Cosmopolitan Decor Hair Hello Tuesday Home Decor Mesh Bodies Poses Secondlife Fashion Shape Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion

You can’t always be so serious

I think its a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time really let your hair down and have some fun or otherwise you become way to serious.

So today while I was playing around trying to blog and get the right set up for a pic and such I got a really nice angle and caught myself laughing out loud because by accident I had photobombed while on a pose stand…so why not have some fun with it have a silly smile on and snap picture taken.

Why not have some fun and still showcase what I was planning on but have a laugh.

I hope you all find it as much fun as I did.


So there are a few things I wanted to show you all that you can go get from Cosmopolitan. This gorgeous house from Spargel & Shine called Mistik its a gorgeous two storey loft with birch floors and soo much light in it. I really badly want to put this up and decorate it but will have to hold off becauseΒ I’mΒ still working and still madlyΒ in loveΒ with my swamp and houseΒ boat.

But I wanted to show you because its soo pretty and you all deserve pretty in your lives.Β 

I love how its resizeableΒ in caseΒ you wanted higher ceilings but what really drew me in was the decorator menu which gives you theΒ ability to tint your windows and change the exterior and interior walls there are soo many options.

TP to Cosmopolitan to have a look and walk through and you will totally want to add this to your collection.

Snapshot_0151Hehe there I am again being silly.

I love how Cosmopolitan has really progressed over the years and now has a wonderful new releases to inspire every ones creative soul.Β 

This beautiful Victorian Inspired lounge is by Di’Cor and is available in Black or Beige as shown. You dont want to miss out!

House ~ Spargel & Shine – Mistik Loft // Cosmopolitan

Sunflowers ~ LB_Sunflowers {Field} // Hello Tuesday

Wall Hanging ~ Tool Shed Extended – Quarte Frames (Live, Laugh, Love) // Cosmopolitan

Just to note this Quarte frame wont be available after Cosmopolitan as Tool Shed mainly offers building supplies / textures and mesh kits. However they do make finished products for events which aren’t available after that event .

Soo this gorgeous frame is a must have so gooo get it now!!

Furniture Set ~ Di’Cor Victoria Sofa Beige // Cosmopolitan



Hair ~ no.match_ ~ NO_CASH // Cosmopolitan

Shape ~ C33 Honey Shape by SymmetryΒ 

Skin ~ PUMEC – Renata Skin Summer

Body ~ Maitreya Β Mesh Body – Lara

Dress ~ {Toxic Candy} Babara Dress Beige

Shoes ~ Elysium – Flavia Sandals (Slink Flat) Nude // Cosmopolitan

Poses ~ .mein. {hi} poses

Mwuahs xxx

::Suicide Dollz:: :Diamante: Collabor88 Destinations Eyes Hair Jewellery Mesh Mouth Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion

In the beginning

When I first started to blog it was to keep myself busy between the long periods of time my friends weren’t online and then as they never came back I just kept on with it….but over time my reasons for blogging have changed.

I always have so many things going on in my mind at one time and I tend to find it hard to clear it thus it keeps piling up and up. All the what ifs and such build and build and my mind cant think straight which leads me to become quite anxious and paranoid and extremely frustrated in real life.

The thing about my blogging is that it helps me focus on one thing only and in turn helps my mind clear of all the unnecessary clutter that fills it. The simplicity of putting a cute outfit together and finding a nice place to take a pretty picture…all of that is so helpful in relieving my mind of all that stress.

I always find that after I post a blog I am able to deal with stuff in real life so much easier, I think this becomes clear even to those around me which always makes me giggle because I can still remember times when they didn’t want me to be on second life as much and they had to deal with my crankiness.

Now there is alot less cranky and frustrated moments but there is also alot less time spent in sl as well.

Β I always wonder what makes people blog is there a driving force behind why they do it other than making pretty outfits and getting likes?

So I thought about why I blog and decided to share it with you all.

Me xxx


Hair ~ ::Exile:: Full Of Grace Naturals // C88

Eyes ~ :Diamante: Fairytale Mesh Eyes (Black ) // *Dream Fair*

Eyeshadow~ .ARISE. Evil Shadow // ::Suicide Dollz::

Mouth ~ Nyam Nyam Mesh Mouth

Ears ~ AITUI Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Stuff it

Necklace ~ .DirtyStories. Nera’s Necklace// ::Suicide Dollz::

Top ~ -Pixicat- Vibrant.Vest (Black) // C88

Pants ~ {Toxic Candy} BiBA LooseJeans // New Release

Heels ~ :Diamante: REM – Slink Mid // *Dream Fair*

Bangles ~ Noodles – Addilee Bracelets Black // C88

Poses ~ [La Baguette] Busty IV

Mwuahs xxx

Destinations Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Tattoo The Showroom Womens Fashion

Theres a Spring in my Step that wasn’t always….

Okay so I tried the whole plain back ground but I hated it I do so love going out and exploring a sim while I find a pretty place to take a picture and I even like the time I waste playing with wind lights….to me its all part of the fun.

I love to experiment I love to change it up and when I accept that I seem to have more fun.

Spring in Step


Hair ~ MOON//HAIR – Pixie Harlow //Old Group Gift

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Skin ~ Glam Affair (LeLutka / Maitreya Applier) – Artic


Tattoo ~ {Β Speakeasy } Dollie // ::Suicide Dollz::

Earrings ~ .ARISE. Wing Spirals – Cyan // The Fantasy Gacha

Romper ~ {Toxic Candy} Stanis Strapless Romper Shorts – Orange // New Release

Heels ~ EMPORIUM Ayame Heels // The Showroom


Pose ~ Label Motion – Sissy #1 // The Showroom

Destination ~ The Showroom