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This is your moment, now is your time, so prove yourself…


Neo Japan 2020Β 

Event Round #5 28th of March – 19th of April

I am the Dragon

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.1
-SU!-Darcey Eyes
DOUX – Bianca Hairstyle
Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
-SU!- Face Piercing Set 01 /Genus BabyΒ  Face/
Butanik83– Cybernetic Ogre Mask @ Neo Japan
:::SOLE:::A-CON Plasma Unit @ Neo Japan
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit RB collar (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Backpack (Black)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit CH guard (Red) (lara)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Cr (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Grab (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Wrap Belt (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Legtech (Red)Β 
[The Forge] Kovac Arm Right, Maitreya @ Neo Japan
-[TWC]- Shi Getas -Red Fem @ Neo Japan
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Dark (Companion) @ Neo Japan
Diversion– Affection Poses -3M
Bloody Temple – Subarashi Mirai – The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan
[[RH]] SHUROTAKE -Japanese Rhapis- @ Neo Japan

Neo Japan


I still see your shadows in my room
Can’t take back the love that I gave you
It’s to the point where I love and I hate you
And I cannot change you, so I must replace you, oh
Easier said than done, I thought you were the one
Listenin’ to my heart instead of my head


Neo Japan 2020Β 

Event Round #5 28th of March – 19th of April

Lucid Dream1

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.7 – Mocap
[ k o s m ii ] :: Maru Uchikatsugi [black] @ Neo Japan
-[TWC]- Shitsumei Blk/Wh & Nailed to Death -Tears @ Neo Japan
Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
((Mister Razzor)) Eiji Tattoo – 100% – Omega @ Neo Japan
+ Occult +Japanese ChopstickΒ 
VAW XTC Nipples V3.1 – Mesh Body – B Freya
-Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO
Luas Daiki Choker Fatpack @ Neo Japan
Luas Daiki Kimono Freya Fatpack @ Neo Japan
SAPA poses 66 #9
Dulces Luces – Subarashi Mirai – The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan

Bloom Bloom Event Ears Eyes Hair Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Neo Japan Poses Secondlife Fashion

_ΖŠΡ”Ζ’Ρ”Ξ·βˆ‚ Ζ¬ΞΉβ„“β„“ Ζ¬Π½Ρ” ΖΞ·βˆ‚_

These are my babies you will need to find your own….Neo Japan 2020Β 

Event Round #5 28th of March – 19th of April

My Babies Dont Touch

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.7 – Mocap
Maitreya Mesh Body– Lara V5.0.1
-SU!- Darcey Eyes
Raven Bell– Rain Hair – Celestial @ Neo Japan
[Aleutia] Lotus Dress (Maitreya) @ Bloom
-SU!-Face Piercing Set 01 /Genus Classic Face/
Β Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
Poseidon Parasol Blade Complete Pose 3 @ Neo Japan
{-Maru Kado-} Kasamawashi cat Gacha Rare Sakura & Common Blue @ Neo Japan
Future Heaven *RARE* – Subarashi Mirai – The Bearded Guy@ Neo Japan


Ears Eyes Hair Jewellery Jewelry Maitreya Neo Japan Skin Tattoo


This is not a nightmare its a dream come true….Neo Japan 2020Β 

Event Round #5 28th of March – 19th of April


GENUS Project– Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.7 – Mocap
Gloom. – Usagi Skin – Tone 1 Genus Classic @ Neo Japan SL
Gloom. – Sailor Collection – Red Eyes @ Neo Japan SL
[^.^Ayashi^.^]Yukiko hair & braids @ Neo Japan SL
*Bolson Maitreya Applier Tattoo – Batou @ Neo Japan SL
-SU!- Face Piercing Set 01 /Genus Classic Face/

Night Close
1E.A.Studio Kanji Ears Rare @ Neo Japan SL
UNA. Joice Dress & Straps @ Neo Japan SL
[Cubic Cherry] {Aiko} Tabi High Socks Fabric & Geta Red v.2Β  @ Neo Japan SL
[VOZ]Doom Katana (Red) @ Neo Japan SL
Mug– Witchy Hands – #14 Nail Set
Takuya Temple – Now and Always Backdrops – The Bearded Guy

Night Mare Full

Ears Hair Secondlife Fashion Uncategorized Womens Fashion

_The Bridge We Cross_

In the Darkness, we all seem lost till we find the bridge we need to cross then we seem to know where we are going.Β 



DOUX – Valentina Hairstyle
[MANDALA] Tunnel Stretched ears-Omimi
Baetik : Witch ChokerΒ Β @ Spookzilla Hunt
Baetik : Witch CostumeΒ  @ Spookzilla Hunt
Baetik : Witch Crow @ Spookzilla Hunt
Baetik : Witch Headpiece @ Spookzilla Hunt
Baetik : Witch StaffΒ  @ Spookzilla Hunt
Strange Bridge – Darkness Rage – The Bearded Guy @ Spookzilla Hunt

A bridge to cross.png

Hair Makeup Nails Secondlife Fashion Tattoo The Dark Style Fair Womens Fashion

_Nurse is Here_

“Nurse!” he called out he didn’t know where he was or what had happened and he was bewildered by the nurse as she walked into the room. “Ssshhhh now it will be okay let me take care of you” she smiled behind her mask her crazy eyes shining in the dim light as she reached towards him and jabbed him with an unknown concoction. She watched as his eyes got heavy and he drifted back into sleep…now she could get to work.

Nurse is here.png

TRUTH / Panny Hair
CURELESS[+] Surgeon Marks / OMEGA – Group Gift
Mug – Taylor Oxygen Mask
UniCult – Fractured Eyes & Makeup @ TDSF
Immortuos – Minima Brow
Ascendant – Brighten Stars Nails 02
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Hat ( Iridescent // 3 )
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Stethoscope ( Iridescent // 2 )
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Dress ( Iridescent // 2 ) Freya
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Syringe
Hospital Room – Are You Scared? Backdrops – The Bearded Guy
>^OeC^< (N)eon – Cross (crate)

Nurse is here bigger.png

Ephiphany Hair Jewellery Jewelry Nails Secondlife Fashion Tres Chic Womens Fashion

_Dark Bunny Love_

In this darkness I have a friend who I can draw close to me and will keep me safe, he’s a little unconventional and most would be scared of him but I’m not. He’s been with me through the good and the bad times and always has my back he never asks for anything other than a good squeeze of a hug and that’s perfect cause it’s in those times I need him the most…My Dark Bunny Love.

Devil Bunny.png

DOUX – Lana Hairstyle @ Tres Chic
DOUX – Demon horns /With hair
**RE** Inked Collar – Female
-Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001
-SU!- Face Piercing Set 01 /Genus Classic Face
~MR~ BadBunn~ 7 @ The Ephiphany
[CX] Vice Crew / Hoodie – Black / Freya RARE @ The Ephiphany
[CX] Vice Crew / Harness – Black / Freya
[CX] Vice Crew / Shorts – Black / Freya
[CX] Vice Crew / Fishnet Stockings – Black / Freya
Ascendant – She Wore Diamonds 10 Belleza No Shine – Nails

Big Devil Bunny.png

Anthem Hair Neo Japan Secondlife Fashion Shoes Womens Fashion

_Deadly Dance_

She knew she was doing wrong the moment her hands picked up the hilts of the swords but she was different than the others she had a fire and a fight inside her that needed to be released. At first, it was to prove she was like her brothers powerful and able to defend herself, it wasn’t till later that she learned that she could turn that into its own beauty a deadly dance that would entice them in and would ultimately be their downfall.

Closer dance.png


Exile:: Nightfall @ Anthem
**CC** – Glamour Glitter – Stardust (Nebula)
Insomnia Angel . No.2 unlife a?**y*k?s?e [cyber] @ Neo Japan
Luas Azumi Kimono Freya Purple & Green @ Neo Japan
*[CX] Oshioki Geta – Black ( Belleza ) @ Neo Japan
Pose – Poseidon Shadow Dancer 4 Box
Geishas – Imadesu Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan


Do You Dance.png

Hair Neo Japan Poses Secondlife Fashion The Arcade Womens Fashion

_Elemental Whimsy_

Shall we choose a door and let our fate be decided by whats on the other side? Her mind was all aflutter with the excitement of her newfound powers as she danced the hallway of elements, this was now down to her to decide how she would let that power be used. There was whimsy in her heart today as she danced and she felt there was no longer a burden on her by her training. This was truly the magic she had longed to experience.




Wasabi // Elenoire Windblown Mesh Hair @ The Arcade October 19
::RMN:: Harajuku Urban Top White-Lara- @ Neo JapanΒ 
Caboodle – Mei Leggings – Maitreya @ Neo Japan
Oinc – Liam Boots {MAITREYA} @ Neo Japan
Air_3) SOUGYO _White G+Silver (wear & touch)_TM @ Neo Japan
Air_7) SOUGYO _White G+Black (wear & touch)_TM @ Neo Japan
Air_8) SOUGYO _White S+Black (wear & touch)_TM @ Neo Japan
Elements – Imadesu Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan
Pose – !bang – Stand 445

Hair Poses Secondlife Fashion Tattoo WCF Womens Fashion


I failed you.png


GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
-Belleza– Freya
DOUX – Babydoll Hairstyle
**RE** Inked Collar
*Vanilla Bae * Courtney Panty @ WCF
*Vanilla Bae * Courtney Skirt @ WCF
*Vanilla Bae * Courtney Socks @ WCF
Pseudo– Billie HoodieΒ  – Red
RAONHAUSEN -Billie Skin @ Shiny Shabby
UniCult + Rekt Royalty – Graded Tattoo @ WCF
[La Baguette] Popular poses 1 to 10 w/mirrored version @ WCF
Back to School Backdrop – The Bearded Guy