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You can’t always be so serious

I think its a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time really let your hair down and have some fun or otherwise you become way to serious.

So today while I was playing around trying to blog and get the right set up for a pic and such I got a really nice angle and caught myself laughing out loud because by accident I had photobombed while on a pose stand…so why not have some fun with it have a silly smile on and snap picture taken.

Why not have some fun and still showcase what I was planning on but have a laugh.

I hope you all find it as much fun as I did.


So there are a few things I wanted to show you all that you can go get from Cosmopolitan. This gorgeous house from Spargel & Shine called Mistik its a gorgeous two storey loft with birch floors and soo much light in it. I really badly want to put this up and decorate it but will have to hold off becauseΒ I’mΒ still working and still madlyΒ in loveΒ with my swamp and houseΒ boat.

But I wanted to show you because its soo pretty and you all deserve pretty in your lives.Β 

I love how its resizeableΒ in caseΒ you wanted higher ceilings but what really drew me in was the decorator menu which gives you theΒ ability to tint your windows and change the exterior and interior walls there are soo many options.

TP to Cosmopolitan to have a look and walk through and you will totally want to add this to your collection.

Snapshot_0151Hehe there I am again being silly.

I love how Cosmopolitan has really progressed over the years and now has a wonderful new releases to inspire every ones creative soul.Β 

This beautiful Victorian Inspired lounge is by Di’Cor and is available in Black or Beige as shown. You dont want to miss out!

House ~ Spargel & Shine – Mistik Loft // Cosmopolitan

Sunflowers ~ LB_Sunflowers {Field} // Hello Tuesday

Wall Hanging ~ Tool Shed Extended – Quarte Frames (Live, Laugh, Love) // Cosmopolitan

Just to note this Quarte frame wont be available after Cosmopolitan as Tool Shed mainly offers building supplies / textures and mesh kits. However they do make finished products for events which aren’t available after that event .

Soo this gorgeous frame is a must have so gooo get it now!!

Furniture Set ~ Di’Cor Victoria Sofa Beige // Cosmopolitan



Hair ~ no.match_ ~ NO_CASH // Cosmopolitan

Shape ~ C33 Honey Shape by SymmetryΒ 

Skin ~ PUMEC – Renata Skin Summer

Body ~ Maitreya Β Mesh Body – Lara

Dress ~ {Toxic Candy} Babara Dress Beige

Shoes ~ Elysium – Flavia Sandals (Slink Flat) Nude // Cosmopolitan

Poses ~ .mein. {hi} poses

Mwuahs xxx

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Making your own little heaven…

I love my little piece of sl that I call home so peaceful the sounds the movement of the trees the sound of the water and crickets chirping…its everything I have ever wanted.

So when I started to make my little swamp trying something different I do remember my mind set and the whole thing was turning out quite dark but I am so happy to see now that its beautiful and bright and colorful but still everything I have wanted.

So I very happy to show off my newest addition in these amazing flowers by Little Branch which you can find at this weeks Hello Tuesday at Cosmopolitan.

Look how amazing they look so bright and full and half price so don’t miss out.

Fill your wardrobe and your spirits up while your there and check out more amazing gear for 50L or 50% off.

One day only.



Hair ~ no.match – NO_LUCK.A 50% off// Hello Tuesday

Shape ~ C32 EVA by SymmetryΒ 50% off // Hello Tuesday

Skin ~ PUMEC Renata skin SummerΒ 

Glasses ~ Glamistry [PU2001]

Top ~ Blueberry – Mima – Mesh Bra/Top/Dress – Black

Jeans ~ Blueberry – Luna – Rolled Cuff Jeans – Black

Bag ~ [Since 1975] Edo Hand Purse(3 different sizes and a HUD)Β 50% off// Hell0 Tuesday

Bracelet ~ [Since 1975] Peace Multiple Bracelets // Cosmopolitan

Pose ~ Purple Poses Lena // Cosmopolitan

Sunflowers ~ LB_Sunflowers {Field} 50% off // Hello Tuesday

Destination ~ Home Sweet Home

Mwuahs xxx

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I Wear Black or does Black Wear Me…

Some people mayΒ argueΒ that black is not aΒ colorΒ but an absence of light…bah I love it and would wear itΒ allΒ day every day πŸ™‚

I have been at a loss for words with blogging lately but I have been able to come to a junction today and I haveΒ realisedΒ that I need to cut back on my blogging to allow more time for me to have some fun as well.

Hopefully I can manage this because IΒ don’tΒ want to lose the feeling of excitement I get with logging on to sl.

This outfit today has been a bit of a helping hand for me to realise what I have been missing πŸ™‚


I wear Black

Hair ~ little bones, Water Me

Shape ~ Symmetry C14 Anna

Skin ~ {AIMI} Taylor Natural

Facial Piercings ~ .random.Matter. Bone Harvest

~ :HV: Mouth [ink]

Top ~ Biscuit – Pop Cult Tank Top // The Candy Shop

Jeans ~ Blueberry – Radi Mesh Jeans Boot friendly

Boots ~ :Diamante: Skull BreakersΒ (Slink Flat)

Rings ~ :Diamante: Knuckle Bruisers

Belt and Bracelets ~ *BLITZED* Legacy Belt and Cuffs

Prop ~ ::LC:: Vanity Mirror Phone // Kustom 9

I adore this it really feels more like me πŸ™‚

Mwuahs xxx

Cosmopolitan Sale Room Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin Womens Fashion

Walking in Circles

Everyone’s sleeping through life
Afraid that their questions
Just might have answers
Everyone shut off their mind
So I’ll turn on mine

Alone in a world
With millions of souls
Walking in Circles
Trapped in their dreams
Unhealthy, unclean
Walking in Circles, now
Do not disturb
Scream in silence
Everyone’s sleeping



!lamb. Cry Baby


Maya Shape by Symmetry


{AIMI} Skin Natural

when I wake up


A&CO – Donna Secretary Mini Dress Colourful with HUD // CSR


Essenz – Bali (slink high) // CSR


*PerveTTe* My Rosary // CSR

Some super sexy gear available at Cosmo again this round …go check it out.

Mwuahs xxx