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Our time is coming….Meow!

Our Time is coming....


Striped Mocha – Rocking Chair w/pillow // Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary Event

Striped Mocha – Kettle with Candles

Striped Mocha – Lighting Pumpkins

TFC Pumpkin Gift – Happy Halloween

-Pixicat- Bastet Sphynx (Sit, Sprawl and Lazy)

Mwuahs xxx

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Hello Tuesday …

Yess its that time again a new round of Cosmopolitan and another awesome set of buys for Hello Tuesday.

You cant get better than having 50% Off of only 50L$.

So many amazingly gorgeous pieces to buy this round so stay tuned for more gorgeousness.

Hello Tuesday

Hair ~ no.match_ ~ NO_LIGHT ~ Pack of Browns @Hello Tuesday 100L$ 50% Off

Nose Chain ~ ::TI:: Nose Chain Black @ Hello Tuesday 15th Sep 60L$ 50% Off

Lingerie ~ MAAI Sweetheart Lingerie – Black & White @ Hello Tuesday 15th Sep 50L$

Heels ~ :::ChicChica::: Bree Latte Maitreya @ CosmopolitanΒ 

Hello Tuesday 3


Di’Cor ~ Cosy Love Seat [White] @ Cosmopolitan

The Little Branch ~ Mystic Tree {with grass} @ Hello Tuesday 15th Sep 186L$ 50% Off

Knick Knack ~ Deco Stones @ Cosmopolitan

Striped Mocha ~ Reclaimed Wood Lantern @ Cosmopolitan

Knick Knack ~ Old Containers @ Hello Tuesday 15th Sep 50L$

Hello Tuesday 2

Mwuahs xxx

Cosmopolitan Decor Hello Tuesday Home Decor

Take a different approach….

So I have been trying something a little different over the last few days I have been building a little set up to display some of the amazing decor pieces that are available at this round of the Cosmopolitan event.

I have been so over whelmed by the amazing creativity of these designers and I really wanted to show them off with out me in the way.

I hope I am able to do them justice xxx


Tool Shed – Airey Gazebo @ Cosmopolitan

Di’Cor Sam’s Chair [Rustic]Β 

CONSTRUCT – Mesh Candelabras

Con. & Floorplan. – Woven Rug


Clutter Exclusive – Smile & Hugs Marquee @ Cosmopolitan

Fiasco – Castaway Wine Bar @ Hello Tuesday

Ex Machina Terrarium 1 & 2 @ Cosmopolitan


{anc} flottante puppies @ Collabor88

-tres blah- Hodgepodge Wine Duet – Gacha

Striped Mocha – Wall Fountain @ Cosmopolitan


As you can see there are some amazing pieces that would be the perfect addition to your gorgeous home so jump down to Cosmopolitan and grab them as soon as you can remember the event only runs for 2 weeks so be quick.

Mwuahs xxx

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Its 2 am and I can’t sleep anymore, I guess that’s what happens when you get home from work and go t bed at 5 pm the afternoon before. I hate being sick I think most people do and there are days I wish I had the luxury to just cal in sick and not go to work…..well today isn’t one of those days unfortunately I will have to go to work today and pretend to be okay and train new staff and work with people I dislike alot and hopefully I can make it through the day with out yelling at some one or better yet punching them in the face.

Sigh. Oh to dreamΒ 

So since its 2 am and I am awake and I have my huge mug of coffee beside me what else can I do but log on and do a post for you all.


Hair ~ no.match – NO_DECISION @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Dress ~ ***Ambrosia***MESH_Summer Dress PinkΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Jewellery ~ [Modern.Couture] Elua WhiteΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Pose ~ BellePoses – Moon BallonΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August


Β β™₯ Life is like a Balloon if you never let yourself go you’ll never know how far you can riseΒ β™₯

Myrrine Sea Furniture White SetΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Striped Mocha – Silver Forest ShrineΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Okay so maybe I need some extra sleep if I’m going to handle the rest of the day..maybe all I do know is I have three more days and then I am on 2 weeks holiday where I don’t have to do anything I don’t have to go anywhere I can stay home in my little cocoon and do nothing….I cant wait.

Mwuahs xxx

Cosmopolitan Decor Group Gift Poses

Breaking free from the rut and having some fun.

As you all know I have the best blogging partner in Corina she is soo much fun and soo perfect to work with….she works soo hard to get everything right for Cosmopolitan everyday and soo I love when I get to grab her for some blogging and we get to break free and have some fun.

Today is just as much fun as every other soo we decided to relax chill and chat and enjoy these summer days.

Having fun

Look at how adorable this pose is we fell in love with it soo much and I can assure you that you and your best friend will too go grab this from [ILAYA] (Best Friend [heart] Β from Cosmopolitan.

And this Gorgeous Hammock Set from Striped Mocha is the perfect addition to any chill area plenty of poses to enjoy.

Also there is this perfect Group Gift available at Cosmopolitan for this week by Cinphul these gorgeous pots of Lavanda.

So what are you waiting for jump to Cosmopolitans Bi-Weekly event now and have some fun.

fun together

Mwuahs xxx