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When things start to heat up….

The sweet breeze the slight chill in the air seems like the perfect night for a few fruit cocktails and a dip in the hot tubย couldn’tย getย any more perfect really….other than super sexy company.

Things are heating up


::Exile:: High and Dry Dark Browns

+Spellbound+ Monster Beard

.Reckless. King Tattooย 

Kibitz – Cross Cord Necklace – Steel



LeLutka Mesh Head โ€“ Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body โ€“ Lara

DeeTalez ย LeLutka Heads โ€œFaceย Joice SEโ€ Mixed // Uber

{Six Essence} Promiscuous White // The Showroomย 

Purple Pose Couple 169

Mwuahs xxx

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I’m not ready yet don’t start with me

Ever have one of those days when you just cant seem to get on top of everything and it keeps piling up and up and you feel over whelmed and all you want to do is crawl back under the covers and hide away from the whole world until it all fixes itself…..


Yeah me either lol

Today feels like its starting to be one of those days. I need to focus and think of pretty things and have some fun.

Im not ready yet

.Shi Hair : Ruff it up [Mono] // Uber

LeLutka Mesh Head โ€“ Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body โ€“ Lara

DeeTalez ย LeLutka Heads โ€œFaceย Joice SEโ€ Mixed // Uber

(Yummy) Captive Bead Septum Ring Gold

(Yummy) Punk Collar – Gold & Black

*MUKA* Spike Bracers

^^Swallow^^ Bad Ring Gold & Red // Gift

{Six Essece} ย Skirt Dahlia Plaid

{Six Essence} Top Lace Dahlia Black

Infected – Havoc – Dark Tattoo

REIGN.- Thigh High Sneakers – Black // Uber

Del May – Brain Ache

Taken @ Sinners Heavenย 

Mwuahs xxx

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Chilling at home.

Okay so I think its this skin that’s making me love running around home in my lingerie because I finally have the perfect freckles again even on my body ย and then it doesn’t help when my sponsors bring out these cuteness items that make me feel all cute and sexy. Yay! for staying home and chilling.

Just wanted to show you all this adorably cute and sexy lace top by {Six Essence} Candy Lace top in white its also available in pink with this cute little bow.

Mwuahs xxx

I feel at home here

+Spellbound+ Lala //Chapter 1: Earth

LeLutka Mesh Head โ€“ Karin

Maitreya Mesh Body โ€“ Lara

DeeTalez ย LeLutka Heads โ€œFaceย Joice SEโ€ Mixed // Uber

Kibitz โ€“ Alexys Nose Chain โ€“ Gold

{Six Essence} – Top Candy White

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara Mesh Panties

[La Baguette] Splendour 5

Mwuahs xxx

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I’m Going Out I need a Break

I love how easy Second Life makes it to get out of the house or off the platform and go explore new places.

I explored some more of ~Bella Pace~ and fell in love even deeper with it. The detail of this sim is amazing the rolling hills the vineyards the flowers all perfectly in sync with each other and creating such a harmony.

Go explore take a friend or a date and amaze them with this beauty.

Going Out

I saw this hair from [taketomi] (Mio)had arrived late at ::Kustom 9:: and I seriously ran to go get it cause its beautiful and I knew it was going to be another staple in my wardrobe.

This gorgeous Black lace dress from {Six Essence} (Valentina) is beyond sexy and lets all my curves shine so make sure you head over to The Black Dot Project to grab yours.

And whats more perfect to head out with than a pair of gorgeous lace heels and clutch which I got from [Infliction]ย perfectlyย namedย Berlesk they come in a set and are in a variety of sexy colors to choose from although you can’t go wrong with black.

Mwuahs xxx

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Taking time to think

Have you ever noticed that your the one people come to when they need something even if its the smallest thing like no one else is online and they want to talk or they need you to do something for them and because you never say no your the one they come to. But then if your bored and lonely or you need a hand for something you don’t want to bother any one?

Maybe that’s just me?

I have had a few moments like this in the last week and I guess that’s why I’m here less and less.

Thing is even though I’m using this as a way of venting I will still be that person and I always will be that’s who I am and I know that.

Taking time to think

If you haven’t heard of MIX your living under a rock lol but seriously you need to check out this amazing event. I’ll try to explain it as best and as quick as I can .

MIX is not like any other event this event is set up at each store that’s participating meaning that there is no lag as you can hop around to all the different stores.

Grab a MIX HUD and get started, there are three different colors New, Sale and Exclusive you choose the store and tp with your HUD and go see what that store is offering.

I think its an amazing idea for store owners to get the people back to the stores.

I hopped around today and bought a few things but my favorite was this Lounge set by ARIA which was 50% off Yay!

Taking Close Up


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR – Bronwyn – Variety // New

Eyes ~ IKON Odyssey Eyes – Moorย 

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Skin ~ [PUMEC] Renata – Summer (LeLutka Applier)

Lingerie ~ {Six Essence} Dream Angel Lingerie – Blue // Souled Out Event

Pose ~ Kirin Natsu Pose Pack

Mwuahs xxx

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I need the sand between my toes….

Its the weekend time to unwind and get out there and do something fun.ย 

The weather in real might be getting colder but today with the sun out it was beautiful so we grabbed a few hours at a local beach just to take a walk and enjoy time together.

So tonight I wanted to show that wonderful feeling with my avi so I hit up Baja Norte which is my favorite beach in second life by far.

After a few trolls (lol) I was able to relax and enjoy myself and take a few pictures.

I am totally loving these poses from Kirin you can find at Kustom 9 they so perfectly suit my mood.

Dont get between me and my coffee or you'll see the bitch


Hair ~ MINA -Elvira – Light Brown

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Skin ~ *League* LeLutka Head Applier – Milla Fair Set 2

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Jewelry ~ [ Infliction ] Addict Set – Coffee

Top ~ [ Infliction ] Bitch Tube // Group Gift

Jeans ~ {Six Essence} Summer Pants // New Release

Pose ~ Kirin – Natsu Pose Pack // Kustom 9ย 

Destination ~ Baja Norte

Mwuahs xxx

Collabor88 Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Secondlife Fashion Skin Style The Black Dot Event Womens Fashion

Lace Desires

Taking a moment to unwind after a long hard week feeling the soft warm breeze flow over my body…listening to the sounds of nature birds, crickets the frogs singing to each other.

Close your eyes escape there with me.

Lace Desires


Hair ~ ::Exile:: Full of Grace Naturals // C88

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Skin ~ *League* Lelutka Head Applier Milla Fair Set 2ย 

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Jewellery ~ (Yummy) Sofia Pearl Set

Body Suit ~ {Six Essence} Cherry BodySuit – White ย (5 colors / Appliers ) // The Black Dot Project


[Con. & floorplan.] Hanging Love Seat

Pose in the Seat

Destination ~ Home Sweet Homeย 

Mwuahs xxx

Destinations Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion

I will do it my way.

So lately I have been going through alot of change with in my sl and my blogging different ways I set up my blog pics and such. I had some one jump into my ims on fb to tell me that Iย shouldn’tย change it all the time that I should pick oneย way to do them and stay with that way only.


I have wondered about this and even posted a question out to the fb world but alas like most of my fb posts it was ignored and ย and I got no responses so I still have no idea?

I wonder what is liked in posts with blogging would the general public prefer no background just aย plainnessย and the focusย being on the clothing? Or do people prefer to see a lovely destination as they look at the clothing worn?

Who knows all that I know is that I will continue doing my posts and my pics the way I do them if I feel like changing it up I will and its as simple as that. But seriously if you have some ideas I would love to hear about them:) Thank you.

Until then I will enjoy exploring sims and taking pretty pictures.

Relax there is nothing to see


Hair ~ (Chemistry) Hair – Min HUD 1


Head ~ Lelutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Ears ~ [MANDALA] Steking Ears

Eyes ~ :Diamante: Fairytale Mesh Eyes ( Black) // * Dream Fair*

Jewelry ~ [Modern.Couture]Jewelry – Chacal Black // The Showroom

Tattoo ~ .Identity. Body Shop – Mermaid Tale // The Showroom

Hoodie ~*Katat0nik* (Black) Summer Hoodie (fitmesh) // C88

Lingerie ~ {Six Essence} Jasmine Lingerie Black // ||5th Avenue||

Heels ~ {Six Essence} Leona Slink High // Olala Event

Pose ~ [La Baguette] QueCalor poses

Destination ~ Jamaicaย 

Mwuahs xxx

+Spellbound+ ::Suicide Dollz:: Destinations Eyes Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Slink Style Tattoo Womens Fashion

Last to Know

Say Chic


Hair ~ +Spellbound+ NachoBitch

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Eyes ~ -SU!- Aileen Eyes Amethyst

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body ย Lara

Eyelashes ~ Mai Bilavio :. Carmen Lash Set

Skin ~ Glam Affair (LeLutka/ Maitreya Applier) Artic

Lips ~ Glam Affair (LeLutka Mesh Heads) Orchidea Lips Applier 10


Nose Chain ~ [ Infliction ] Zodia Piercing // New Release

Tattoo ~ { Speakeasy } Dollie // ::Suicide Dollz::

Top ~ Nana – Krewella Ouija – Chic knotted Shirt // ::Suicide Dollz::

Skirt ~ [ Infliction ] Bad Kitty Skirt – Black // New Release

Heels ~ {Six Essence} Lia Slink High – Black // New Release



Pose ~ [La Baguette] Busty IVย 

Destination ~ Pigeon Island

Mwuahs xxx

Dark Style Fair Destinations Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Poses Secondlife Fashion Shiny Shabby Skin Slink The Showroom Womens Fashion

What If I Lose Myself In This Chaos

What I lose myself in this chaos


Hair ~ Eaters Coma – HAIR 66 / Noir // Shiny Shabby

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Laraย 

Skin ~ **PUMEC – Renata – Skin – Summer // Shiny Shabbyย 

Eyes ~ {SONG} :: Toki // Abyss Eyes

Ears ~ [MANDALA] Tapers


Nose Chain ~ DAZED – Anivia Nose Chain Onyx / / The Dark Style Fair

Necklace ~ CREEP – Summon Collar

Cardigan ~ {Six Essence} Cardigan Black // Ross Event

Top ~ [La Baguette] Honey’s Top – Black // The Showroom

Pants ~ [La Baguette] May Leggings – Blackย 

Heels ~ {Six Essence} Alexia – Black (Slink High) // The Showroom


Pose ~ [La Baguette] Splendour Posesย 

Destination ~ Sinners Heaven

Mwuahs xxx