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_MΡƒ Sρσт_

“Move you are in my spot!”

my spot

BackBone Patio Lounger – PG 60L for Saturday OnlyΒ @Happy Weekend
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Light (Companion)
8, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Taiko- (Drum)
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kame- (rain jar)Β 
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kusaritoi- (rain chain)
11, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Hasu- (Lotus)Β 
15, [[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Geta Display-Β 
Compulsion Shoin HouseΒ 
Compulsion Bonsai 2
Compulsion Plant 11
Bee Designs Kitsune Gazebo gacha 9- Parasol
25 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s ClockΒ 
dust bunny. darling rug
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Big Group – WhiteΒ 


Cyber Eyes Hair Neo Japan Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Womens Fashion


This is your moment, now is your time, so prove yourself…


Neo Japan 2020Β 

Event Round #5 28th of March – 19th of April

I am the Dragon

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.1
-SU!-Darcey Eyes
DOUX – Bianca Hairstyle
Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
-SU!- Face Piercing Set 01 /Genus BabyΒ  Face/
Butanik83– Cybernetic Ogre Mask @ Neo Japan
:::SOLE:::A-CON Plasma Unit @ Neo Japan
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit RB collar (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Backpack (Black)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit CH guard (Red) (lara)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Cr (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Grab (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Wrap Belt (Red)
:::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Legtech (Red)Β 
[The Forge] Kovac Arm Right, Maitreya @ Neo Japan
-[TWC]- Shi Getas -Red Fem @ Neo Japan
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Dark (Companion) @ Neo Japan
Diversion– Affection Poses -3M
Bloody Temple – Subarashi Mirai – The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan
[[RH]] SHUROTAKE -Japanese Rhapis- @ Neo Japan

Decor Home Decor Neo Japan SecondLife Decor


Mouthwatering….Neo Japan 2020Β 

Event Round #5 28th of March – 19th of April

Hungry for me

[ isuka ] yokocho backdrop
-ATTIC-Β  NEO Ramen Cart Gacha @ Neo Japan
Β Neo Ramen Cart RARE
Neo Ramen Cart Stools
Β Neo Small Fridge Black
Β Chopstick
Food Container A
Food Container B
Β Neo Condiment
Neo Cup Ramen
Neo Ramen Bowl
Neo PoccaΒ 
Culprit Kabuto Scooter Almighty @ Neo Japan
[[RH]] SHUROTAKE -Japanese Rhapis- potted @ Neo Japan

Cosmopolitan Decor Hair Home Decor Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Secondlife Fashion Shoes Womens Fashion

Dance with me

Dance with me

My pictures cant do this building justice It is so beautiful the way the light comes and the leadlight…gah I adore it soo much.


TRUTH HAIR – Ximena – Variety


Genesis_Head_Amber_2.0_Latte // The Fantasy Collective


Maitreya – Lara


[ILAYA] Lucia Body {Noir} // Cosmopolitan 3rd AnniversaryΒ 


REIGN. – Ballerina Warmers – Black



By Dorian – Conservatory // Cosmopolitan 3rd AnniversaryΒ 

Di’Cor Jacobs Armchair [Brown] // Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary

[[RH]] Art Deco Collection Cabinet,Iron Screen, Lamp, Side Table Β // Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary

LISP – Mesh – Persimmon Grand Piano

Vanity Poses – -LSM Barre

The Loft – Bacall Mirror Copper

{anc}Β flottante puppy creamΒ 

Mwuahs xxx