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Walk with a quiet step

When the hunter becomes the hunted

Walk with a quiet step, try not to leave marks as you pass. Look through the eyes of the innocent and see the world as they do.

Exile:: Haven @ The Vanity Event
Wild Roots – Fawn TattooΒ 
Mossu – Amy.Dress – Maitreya – White
Mossu – Amy.Sleeves – Maitreya – White @ The Arcade Event
Mossu – Amy.Choker – White
phedora. Noel Boots Maitreya Lara @ Uber
^^Swallow^^ Drop Ear
Imitation – Suki 4 – Pose @ The Vanity Event


I'd hunt me...

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Feeling Lost

Lately I have felt a little lost within myself struggling to find out what really make me who I am especially in second life I don’t fit into any specific clique and I wonder why that is?

Having been around for a few years one would think I have a decent group of friends but I don’t and that’s okay there is nothing that says you have to ….but it brings me back to why?

I do believe its one of those things I may never really understand because that’s just who I am that’s just the hours I keep here and that’s what allows me to be exactly who I am.

Am I lost or am I just believing I am ….

Feeling lost

So I adore reading blog posts and especially those that do tell a story or give an insight to the person doing the blog I myself would love to do my posts more like that but I just never seem to get it right but tonight I really wanted to send out the love to those that do and thank them for letting us in.

Okay so from an awesome post I saw this LM and decided to come have a look and wow….Chouchou is spectacular in so many ways…the ambient music the cathedral and then to add to that beauty they give you this amazing cinematic HUD that allows you to view and listen to the sim in the most amazing way…there is nothing I could write to really let you feel what I did so I suggest coming and having a look yourself.


*TKW* Abril Hair – Brown @ Cosmopolitan

Kaithleen’s Beaded Cocktail Dress – Gold Cream @ Cosmopolitan

Phedora. Cyrce Platforms @ Cosmopolitan

Del May – Pose