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A Ghost of Me

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
-Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO
KMH HairCP002(Mirror) @ Cyber Fair
{S0NG}:: Cyborg Mesh Eyes V2 @ Cyber Fair
[CX]Withered Bezerker Ears
HILTED – Ghoul Mask – Single Colour
Blah. Love.Ai/RoboLegs – Freya Dirty White @ Cyber Fair
Mug – Venus Lingerie Bra & Skirt @ WCF
THIS IS WRONGArtificial shine+tattoo
[omnis] BlackWidow/2 – ML – Right V1.3
+Dreamcatcher+ Cluster w/animated @ Cyber Fair
SAPA poses 72 @Cyber Fair @ Cyber Fair
VARONIS – Sector7 Background


Cyber Hair Neo Japan Secondlife Fashion Womens Fashion

_Short Circuit_

Was she still human, did the flesh that covered her circuits mean she still had some part of her old self still intact or was it the ache in her heart and the confusion in her mind? She wandered aimlessly about the town searching for answers that never came. So much of her had been replaced that she didn’t know the percentage anymore of what was what and in that came that moment of utter despair. Tears started to fall from her eyes, they stung as they hit the flesh of her face this wasn’t normal she thought as the first sparking occurred and her circuits started to short out.


I dont short circuit.png


:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Head Gear (White)
:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Nose-Pad (Purple) @ Neo Japan
:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Collar (Purple)
[monso] My Hair – Zero @ Neo Japan
Gloom. – Yako Collection – Violet Eyes @ Neo Japan
THIS IS WRONG Wired Materials Shine – Maitreya/Omega
Spartin Parx- RAN TOP Black Leather @ Neo Japan
[omnis] BlackWidow Arms
Destination –Insilico SW-35 

Cyber Destinations Hair Mesh Bodies Mesh Head The Darkness Event Womens Fashion

New Year New Me…

Same old resolution for the new year…I’m going to make a change I’m going to be better I had to laugh this year I’m not going to do that I’m tired of always changing I have decided to just continue being the most awesome version of myself.


Cyborg  #K172019.jpg


L’Emporio ::*Rei*::- Outfit-Costume. – Exclusive @ The Darkness Event

(for Maitreya and Slink )

Omnis Black Widow Right Arm

{ Speakeasy } Jamie Hair  @ Group Gift