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What are you barking at?

Its been a little while since I had some fun decorating a little scene but with this gorgeous gacha set from Myrrine which you can find at Cosmopolitan I knew I had to.

Hello Beauty....png

LB_SpringBrize.v3 @ Hello Tuesday

[we’re CLOSED] Grass Field Lush

Myrrine – Curtains, Table, Mirror, Lamp, Sofas – Michelle Gacha @ Cosmopolitan

+Half+Deer+ Shiba Inu

-tres blah- Gacha Items

Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Les Roses (Vases)

Spargel & Shine Homes Halvard Loft @ Cosmopolitan

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Its 2 am and I can’t sleep anymore, I guess that’s what happens when you get home from work and go t bed at 5 pm the afternoon before. I hate being sick I think most people do and there are days I wish I had the luxury to just cal in sick and not go to work…..well today isn’t one of those days unfortunately I will have to go to work today and pretend to be okay and train new staff and work with people I dislike alot and hopefully I can make it through the day with out yelling at some one or better yet punching them in the face.

Sigh. Oh to dreamΒ 

So since its 2 am and I am awake and I have my huge mug of coffee beside me what else can I do but log on and do a post for you all.


Hair ~ no.match – NO_DECISION @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Dress ~ ***Ambrosia***MESH_Summer Dress PinkΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Jewellery ~ [Modern.Couture] Elua WhiteΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Pose ~ BellePoses – Moon BallonΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August


Β β™₯ Life is like a Balloon if you never let yourself go you’ll never know how far you can riseΒ β™₯

Myrrine Sea Furniture White SetΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Striped Mocha – Silver Forest ShrineΒ  @ Cosmopolitan 3rd August – 16th August

Okay so maybe I need some extra sleep if I’m going to handle the rest of the day..maybe all I do know is I have three more days and then I am on 2 weeks holiday where I don’t have to do anything I don’t have to go anywhere I can stay home in my little cocoon and do nothing….I cant wait.

Mwuahs xxx