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When life gives you time to think clearly

After this extremely busy time of year we look back and reflect we look at the bad and the good times and we see how far we have come.

I like every one else do the same thing and look forward to what the new year will bring I usually make some resolutions at this time clear out my life a bit and get ready for whats to come.

But this yearΒ I’mΒ not going toΒ I’mΒ just going to sit back and let what happens happens.

Whats the worst that could happen…can’t be as bad as the last monthΒ that’sΒ for sure.

When life gives you time to think1

Hair ~ .Olive. the Wicking Hair // V.I.P Gift #4

Skin ~ {AIMI} Ivy Natural

Top ~ PMS Crop Tank Top – Print #2 Henna

Jeans ~ Toxic Candy ~ Boyfriend Jeans 1

Bag ~ Milk Motion ~ Leather roll top clutch – black/pink // The Arcade

Shoes ~ REIGN ~ Katya Flats – Black // Saturday Sale

Facial Piercing ~ :Diamante: Eclipse

Bangles ~ :Diamante: Interlocking Multi – ring Bangles


Sending a big hug and lots of love to all my wonderful sponsors


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If I wear it I mean it.


We all get those days where we wonder why …why we are here in sl doing what we do. I have had one of those days and am still trying to figure it out. I think its one of those long on going questions that burn in the back of your mind. I know why I started and I have seen lately that I am so far from that now and iΒ don’tΒ think I will ever get back there.Β 

I do try almost daily to get back to that starting point the reason I joined sl but no matter how hard I try I seem to fail all over again. Best to let the past be in the past and look forward to the future.



little bones. Water Me // N-Twenty1


{AIMI} Skin Taylor Natural


PMS Β I See You


(Milk Motion) Queen tee White // Group Gift


[ Infliction ] Wishful Shorts Black


.PANIK. Kitty Popsicle Violette // N-Twenty1


Aesthetica – Drip Drip Collar Black Β // ROMP

Maybe one day I will get it all figured out till then I will just be me.

Mwuahs xxx