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How work makes me feel on a good day…

Ever get those days that you wish you could let the little voice in your head have its say…or better yet write it and post it on a note and maybe smack it onto your boss’s or your colleagues forehead lol

How work makes me feel on a good day

Now this could not be more fun if you tried…this whole outfit head to toe is available as part of the Hustle & Flow Gacha event.

Hair, Outfit, Heels ~ Rising Hystyria The Secretary (Slink High)

Post it ~ .: BOTI :. Post It – Stack 1 Rare (Hud with 10 messages)

Necklace ~ .: BOTI :. Steampunk Locket Ruby Rare

Clutch ~ [M.Second] Belly Clutch Black

Hustle & Flow

Poses ~ Label Motion Wiz

Destination ~ Home

Mwuahs xxx

Hair Poses Secondlife Fashion Womens Fashion

Much Like Falling

When I said good morning
I was lying
I was truly thinking of
How I might quit waking up

He pointed out how selfish
It would be to kill myself
So I keep waking up

It feels so much like falling
Dying while I wait to die
The fear of something or nothing
Lonely empty lie

I don’t want to be here, lying
I don’t want to be selfish anymore
I want so much to change
Learning your love everyday
There’s still so much to know

You grip my wrists
I let go

Much like Falling

Hair ~ Mina Femke V2 Dark Brown

Outfit ~ [M.Second] Jullie Outfit Green

Poses ~ {Imeka} Daisy

Mwuahs xxx

+Spellbound+ Cosmopolitan Hello Tuesday Secondlife Fashion Shape Skin Womens Fashion

Twenty- Four

Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures
Twenty four tries
Twenty four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
Twenty four drop outs
At the end of the day
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty four hours ago

Still I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And I’m not who I thought I was twenty four hours ago
Still I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You

Twenty four reasons to admit that I’m wrong
With all my excuses still twenty four strong

I want to see miracles, see the world change
Wrestled the angel, for more than a name
For more than a feeling
For more than a cause
I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And You’re raising the dead in me
Twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
With all of my symphonies
In twenty four parts.
I’m not copping out. Not copping out. Not copping out.


Hair ~ +Spellbound+ Journey

Skin ~ 7 Deadly s{K}ins Delayla 50% off// Hello Tuesday

Shape ~ C14 ANNA Shape by Symmetry in Motion

Necklace ~ (epoque) Shard Necklace Gold

Top ~ [M.Second] Cropped Retro Fashion Triangular

Pants ~ Lumiere HighWaist Tweed Brown

Bracelets ~ (epoque) Triple Threat Cuffs Gold

Mwuahs xxx

Hair Halloween Secondlife Fashion Skin Uber Womens Fashion

The Cross

Nothing’s ever changed, you still turn away
You’ve washed your hands, you’ve made that all too clear
You just keep on living this lie

You refuse to see, you’re denying me
the cross I bear but you don’t seem to care
Even Judas knew he had lied

I keep wondering why
I’m still calling your name through my tears

Why have you waited to embrace me my dear?
Cold is your silence, denying what is real
I’m still wondering why
I’m still calling your name my dear

I’m sorry if you can’t stand the naked truth
All you see is how you want it to be
So you keep on living your life

The Cross


TRUTH Hair Vixen // Uber


7 Deadly s{K}ins Halloween V1 // Beauty Pageant


[M.Second] Dress Magic of Halloween Cross Gacha // Halloween Blackout


[M.Second] Shoes Chain Cross Black Gacha // Halloween Blackout

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Mwuahs xxx

+Spellbound+ :Diamante: Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin Style Womens Fashion

Wasting Time…

You found me here, waiting for your chance
You would reach inside and take all of me
You watch your lies smother me again
But now you can’t!

Don’t even try your wasting time
Jump back I’ll beat you down and turn around
I’m fighting my way through you
Push you away, I’ll never break
Come back ill beat you down
It’s over now
I’m turning my back on you

– Red

Wasting Time


+Spellbound+ Nachobitch


[PUMEC] Ensya Summer

Face Tattoo

Lovely Disarray – I’m no priest


Reckless. Buddhism


[M.Second] Back to the 90’s


FLite. Β Navigators Studded Edition


REIGN. Bomb Bag


:Diamante: Wretched Skull Ring Gacha //Halloween Blackout….Soon

Four Season Market Autumn Event Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin Womens Fashion

Flightless Bird

I was a quick-wit boy
Diving too deep for coins
All of your street light eyes
Wide on my plastic toys
Then when the cops closed the fair
I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map
And called for you everywhere

Have I found you?
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping
Or lost you?
American mouth
Big pill looming



Magika [01] NoΒ 


[PUMEC] Marina Autumn


:::ChicChica::: Vivien


FLRN Design Β Brittany Retro Dress // Four Season Market Autumn Event

Hair Leaves

Persefona Leaves in hair and leaf on nose //Β Four Season Market Autumn Event


[M.Second] Point Flat Pumps Gray

Autumn 2

I cant get over the soft colours and yet the vibrancy of this time of year I feel so at peace πŸ™‚

Mwuahs xxx

:::THE BIG SHOW::: =Zenith= Hair Skin Style Womens Fashion

Everybody here wants you…

Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss
A singing smile
Coffee smell and lilac skin
Your flame in me

I’m only here for this moment

I know everybody here wants you
I know everybody here thinks he needs you
I’ll be waiting right here just to show you
How our love will blow it all away

It is what it is....thanks for the goodbye

Hair Β 

::Exile:: West Coast


[PUMEC] .:MARINA:. Spring

Β NecklaceΒ 

.random.Matter. Bane. Copper


=Zenith= Leather National Minority


*MUKA* Thigh Socks // The Big Show


[M.Second] Romper September Smiiles African // Nice to BeΒ 

I love the feel of this look and the feel of my new house its totally starting to feel like homeΒ 

Mwuahs xxx

Collabor88 Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin The Chapter Four Thrift Shop 6.0


I admit it…what’s to say…yeah…
I’ll relive it…without pain…mmm…
Backstreet lover on the side of the road
I got a bomb in my temple that is gonna explode
I got a sixteen gauge buried under my clothes, I play…
Once upon a time I could control myself
Ooh, once upon a time I could lose myself, yeah…
Oh, try and mimic what’s insane…ooh, yeah…
I am in it…where do I stand?



:Exile: Locomotion // C88


DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Leyna EXCLUSIVE // The Chapter Four


[M.Second] Dress Cross // GG


*MUKA* Thigh Socks // The Big Show


:Diamante: Torment Slink High // Thrift Shop 6.0

Mwuahs xxx