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Cheeky Babies

Wandering around our beautiful sim exploring all the wonders meeting lots of lovely people as they come visit…this time of year really brings out the best in people I love it….so while I was out walking I bumped into these little guys having fun dancing and enjoying the fresh snow…cheeky kids.

Cheeky Babies

Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/ Suzy Mesh Hair – Browns Pack // FaMESHed

Head ~ Catwa Head – Annie

Skin ~ [PUMEC] – .:RUSLANA:. -Skin – Winter

Body ~ Maitreya – Lara

Cheeky Babies.

Top ~ =Zenith= Knit Cardigan with faux fur stole (Black) // Collabor88

Tights ~ Izzie’s – Chevron Tights // TLC

Boots ~ REIGN – Nordic Boots – Black // FaMESHed

Poses ~ [La Baguette] Cara // The Dressing Room

Friends ~ +Half+Deer+ Jackalope // The Arcade December 15

Destination ~ Maison de L’amitie

Mwuahs xxx

Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Tattoo Womens Fashion

Try something a little different…

Oh its been a weird few weeks but I am really enjoying the change of pace in my sl time and my rl time.

Finding myself going out more in sl to visit places and clubs even that Iย haven’tย been out to in a long time. It feels strange to leaveย my land and platform but I really feel better for going out and meeting new people again and starting to make new friends.

So I was playing with an idea and so I decided to put it intoย practiceย a few days ago.ย 

I took off my mesh head and since then I have had more people talk to me….Iย don’tย know itย that’sย a coincidence or notย butย Iย don’tย mind lol.

So here I am feeling relaxed and thinking I look pretty cuteย 

Have a great weekend every one!

Try something diff

Hair ~ Magika – Itchย 

Body ~ Maitreya – Lara

Tattoo ~ [Tattoo Mania] Bad Girlย 

Nails ~ .PUKI. My Long Round Nailsย 

Skin ~ ((=alterego=)) arlene – ash tan – Limited Edition

Piercings ~ Hebenon Vial – Mouth [Ink]

Bangles ~ Noodles – Addilee Bracelets Black

Necklace ~ Izzie’s – Metal Feather

Try something cheeky

Top ~ Addams // Sophia Tank Top // Black

Jeans ~ Bluebery – Mia – Vox

Shoes ~ Bliech – Mesh Unisex Hi-Platform Spike Black

Friend ~ Mutresse – Cheeky Raccoons – Leg Hugging – RARE @ The Arcade Sept 15

Pose ~ Bossie. Shelia Pose Set

Mwuahs xxx

Eyes FaMESHed Hair Jewellery Mesh Head Secondlife Fashion Shoes Style Womens Fashion

I’m done with trying I’m just going to chill

I believe there is only so much you can take before you get numb from feeling like you don’t matter. Numb is a good word for it because I’m not mad I’m not upset I am just numb I just don’t care enough anymore to be made to feel like nothing.ย 

So I’m not going to let it get to me I’m just going to do what I do and chill with it.ย 

Hardest thing I have ever had to do was delete you but you won’t notice or care and in the end I should have done it a long time ago.

So a few days ago I decided to take a short break from all my blogging and in the end I only kept one sponsors who is a dear dear friend this is post I was working on before I decided to break and I thought I’d better post my cuteness.

Chill out

I’mย wearing another gorgeous hair by CaTwA called Rosalina that I have had in my inventory for a while I sometimes forget how awesome the hair is I have purchased over time and am so happy when I get to find it all over again. I will vow now to try to blog all the hair I have in my inventory all over again before I ย buy more…..maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

ย As soon as I found these eyes by IKON I kinda knew I’d be wearing them alot these are the Odyssey Eyes in Moor which I adoreย completely.

ย And of course my LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin which I will never take off and am so excited to see that they are bring out an expressions pack for as well I can’t wait.

So I made it into FaMESHed andย wasn’tย disappointed by all the gorgeous gear and even though I wanted it all I onlyย bought a few pieces my main one being this outfit by *COCO* Denim Overall with tee – Blue because why not its perfect to wear when you just want to chill out at home or have a gorgeous look to go out and hang out with friends at the beach and I matched it up with this cool bag fromย :::LP::: Good Vibes_Bag – White.

I added to this look with these amazing sandals fromย REIGN (Avian Sandals White) that I also picked up from the 50L Saturday sale she had on sandals and then added a collection ofย jewelryย pieces from Izzies to complete the entire lookย theย Opulent Watch White/Copper theย Metal Feather Necklace and these gorgeousย Midi Rings in Gold.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and like my picture on Flickr it all means alot to me and makes me feel like I do actually fit in this crazy sl world somewhere.

Stay tuned for my next post as I try to figure out myself and my slย 

Mwuahs xxx

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The thought of you leaves a bitter taste.

Went on a bit of a shopping spree today plenty of time for events and such but even better is decor sales lol Woot means I get to rebuild my decor inventory after my terrible accident in my inventory a few months ago. Now onto my super cute outfit Mwuahs xxx

The thought of you leaves a bitter taste

New Hair from CaTwA for me today I totally love this style and feel its called Ella and its gorgeous it also has a super long version included. I thought I’d add some cute summer flowers into it to finish off the look so I added the Moon Amore : Luise Tiny Flowers from Kustom 9.

Still madly in love with my Lelutka Mesh head and this Maitreya mesh body so if your looking for a sexy new look jump to the Lelutka shop and try plenty of DEMOS to find the one who is you. Now like a lot of people you think only a few mesh heads means we all look the same but don’t be dismayed because with different skins and a little adjustment you can create your own look.

Still loving my new DeeTaleZ skin from Uber cause it has freckles and I am mad in love with that.

New round of MIX is upon us so make sure you grab your HUD and jump around to all the amazing designers partaking in this round to see what they have to offer.ย 

I grabbed these gorgeous shorts from Bueno for only 99L I got the Summer Shorts – Pin Striped and they fit my Maitreya body perfectly and so I paired it up with this adorable bustier also from Bueno in Vintage White to help complete this soft summer look.

All my jewellery is from Izzie’s apart from my ears which are [Mandala] Steking Season 5 but my necklace dangling earrings and bracelets are all Izzie’s and are called Miami Neon White.

I finished off with these perfect summer sandals from REIGN in white called Vitality. REIGN has a store wide sale on sandals at the moment every pair only 50L how can you not go there now and fill your basket with gorgeous summer sandals.

So as I stated at the top I have been out shopping and one of the places I spent a small fortune at was the new junk. mainstore sim. There is a huge sale on everything so dont miss out but while I was there I explored as one does and I fell deeply and madly in love with the entire sim they have done such an amazing job so make sure you have a good look while your there buying everything.

Almost forgot to tell you about this super cute pose which is from Kirin in the Natsu Pack I love good sitting down poses and this pack is definitely one of my favourites xx

Mwuahs xxx

Destinations Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion

Come find me when you find yourself….

I feel like a ghost like Im fading away. I need you to bring me back to make me feel whole.

Your smile your laugh the way your eyes find my soul and fill me with happiness.

I miss you.

Come find me when you find yourself…..Embrace it


Hair ~ .Olive. Hair Steffi – Dark Fades

Head ~ LeLutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes ~ [Buzzeri] Bewitched Eyes – Winter

Eye Makeup ~ +Nuuna+ Lelutka Applier LYRE

Lips ~ Glam Affair (Lelutka Mesh Heads) Orchidea Lips Applier 10

Skin ~ Glam Affair (Lelutka Heads) Karin Applier [ Artic]

Necklace ~ Izzie’s Arrowhead Necklace

Outfit ~ {Toxic Candy} Rio Tank top Shorts III

Shoes ~ .HW. Darcy – Platforms Black (Slink Flat)

Pose ~ [La Baguette] Splendour

Destination ~ Sinners Heaven

Mwuahs xxx

+Spellbound+ Collabor88 Destinations Group Gift Hair Jewellery Mesh Bodies Mesh Mouth Poses Secondlife Fashion Skin Style Womens Fashion

Carpe Diem

At times we may get caught up in what others are doing, we might feel angry because we wish we had what they have. You may feel guilty that you have been given many an opportunity and have been “lucky” in life. You even may think that there are just no possibilities for the “good” things to enter your life, that everything goes to craps when you ‘try’ and because it didn’t work out the first time, you failed at life. Simply what you are telling yourself is that you are not good enough to live your life with all its twists and turns, highs and lows, that there is nothing worthy or good in your life, and therefore what ends up happening is you sabotage others, you envy others, you despise yourself.
But there is something you can do – look for the blessings in your life, be grateful for what you have in your life. Seize every opportunity and make it what you will. Carpe Diem!!

Carpe Diem


Hair ~ +Spellbound+ Astarte // Group Gift

Mouth ~ Nyam Nyam

Skin ~ ((=alterego=)) arlene – ash tane // Limited Edition – Sold Out

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body

Visor ~ Foxes. Summer Love Visor Black // C88

Bracelets ~ Noodles Addilee Bracelets Black // C88

Rings ~ Izzie’s Celestial Midi Rings (Slink)

Tattoo ~ { DATUM } The Machine // ::Suicide Dollz::

Swim Suit ~ The Secret Store – Carmen Midkini – Coal // C88

Pose ~ Del May – Grecian Beauty

Destination ~ Jamaica

Mwuahs xxx

:Diamante: Destinations Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Womens Fashion

Alt + Delete

So after recently being involved in a conversation between two people about the possibility of alts and such I thoughts I would say my thoughts on the matter. Geez it was a mess believe me I did not want to get involved but I was dragged in and it really annoyed me.ย 

I actually don’t care about alts at all , I mean if you have one or two that’s your choice and it won’t make me think any less of you. But I can see how much it bothers some people.

If you decide that you need a break from your main avatar and you feel the need to make an alt to escape then so be it. But I do think you really need to look at the reasons why you feel the need to escape and maybe instead of hiding look at and fix those problems.

Yes I know alot out there use alts to mess around with others so that your partner wont find out (messed up) and others use alts to see if your partner would mess with some one else (even more messed up) and if this is the case you both need to just break up and move on and get help.

If your so against alts and the thought that some one you know would use one to spy on you….what are you hiding that you don’t want people you know to see?

On the other hand with alts I know they can be very useful in helping you with store matters having a designated person instead of your every day one to deal with NC and issues andย I’mย sure they have other helpful uses too.

To each there own….I think we need to focus on ourselves and really stop worrying so much about others and what they aren’t or are doing.ย 

Live your SL for you.

alt + delete


Hair ~ pr!tty – LC – {Ombres} // TDRF

Skin ~ ((=alterego=)) arlene – ash tan // Limited Edition (Sold Out)

Shape ~ ((=alterego=)) arleneย 

Ears ~ AITUIย Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Bangles ~ Noodles – Addilee Bracelets Black // C88

Tattoo ~ { DATUM } Loathing Black (Appliers) //New Release

Rings ~ Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings (Black & Silver)

Dress ~ Third Eye. Holographic Dream Dress [Black] // TDRF

Heels ~ :Diamante: REM (Slink Mid) // *Dream Fair*

Poses ~ Kirin Poses – Rukia

Destination ~ xin

Mwuahs xxx

.Birdy. :Diamante: Black Fashion Fair Destinations Eyes Gangsta Fair Hair Jewellery Mesh Mouth Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Slink Uber Womens Fashion

When He Doesnt Show

When Your Hair is On Point and He Doesnt Show

Hair ~ .Olive. the Bette Hair Color fades // Uber

Skin ~ .Birdy. Sienna Toffee

Eyes ~ Buzzeri – Bewitched Eyes – Winter

Dimples ~ :Zombie.Suicide: Cheek Dimples withย piercingsย v2

Lashes ~:Diamante: Delicious Mesh Lashes // Black Fashion Fair

Mouth ~ Nyam Nyam

Necklace ~ :Diamante: Sacramental Cross // Gangsta Fair

Outfit ~ RD Style – Nikka Outfit #4 (Clutch and Shoes included) // Gangsta Fair

Rings ~ Izzie’s Celestial Midi Rings (Black Silver) // Black Fashion Fairย 

Poses ~ Sari Sari Female A

Destination ~ Innsmouth – A Dark New England Coastal Town

Mwuahs xxx

+Spellbound+ ::Suicide Dollz:: :Diamante: Gansta Fair Group Gifts Hair Jewellery Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Style Wayward Hunt Womens Fashion



Hair ~ +Spellbound+ Freak // Chapter III : Magic // Suicide Dollz

Skin ~ .Birdy. Sienna Toffee

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Mouth ~ Nyam Nyam

Lips ~ NOX. Rot Lips [purple] Nyam applier // Wayward Hunt

Dimples ~ :Zombie.Suicide: Cheek Dimples withย piercingsย v2

Piercing ~ :HV: Anonymous Skittlelicious

Necklace ~ :Diamante: Sacramental Cross // Gangsta Fair

Outfit ~ DAPPA – Mia Tunic – Where Da Wifi At // Suicide Dollz

Rings ~ Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings (Black Silver) // Black Fashion Fair

Phone ~ FLite. Flyphone // Group Gift

Stockings ~ Izzie’s – Sheer Tights Colours

Heels ~ .HollyWeird. Capone Heels (Slink High) // Suicide Dollz

Mwuahs xxx

100 Block Color Me Project Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Womens Fashion

You Make My Heart Skip

You Make My Heart Skip

Hair ~ [taketomi] Eulaila Bento // The Kawaii Project

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body โ€“ Lara

Skin ~ .Birdy. Sienna Toffee

Mouth ~ Nyam Nyam

Dimples ~ :Zombie.Suicide: Cheek Dimples with percings v2

Choker ~ Kibitz /.Pekka. Triquetra Choker

Necklace ~ Kibitz /.Pekka. Supernatural Pentacle Necklace

Dress ~ Jinx (DD) Mimi Blacks // Color Me Project

Stockings ~ Izzie’s Sheer Tights

Boots ~ .HollyWeird. Kurb Stompers // 100 Block

Pose ~ย Del May

Destination ~ Home x

Mwuahs xxxย