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_Mу Sρσт_

“Move you are in my spot!”

my spot

BackBone Patio Lounger – PG 60L for Saturday Only @Happy Weekend
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Light (Companion)
8, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Taiko- (Drum)
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kame- (rain jar) 
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kusaritoi- (rain chain)
11, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Hasu- (Lotus) 
15, [[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Geta Display- 
Compulsion Shoin House 
Compulsion Bonsai 2
Compulsion Plant 11
Bee Designs Kitsune Gazebo gacha 9- Parasol
25 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s Clock 
dust bunny. darling rug
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Big Group – White 


Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor Shiny Shabby

_A ℓιттℓє Ʋιѕιтσя_

There’s a warm breeze and a soft chirp coming from downstairs…its the reason I moved to be closer to nature.

Welcome, little buddy…

New Friends

NEW! HISA – Forest Retreat @Shiny Shabby
Barley Cornwall Set
Charcoal Dresser, Hanging Shelf, Candlestick Set, Planters, Trellis
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Messy Armchair Adult
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Book Pile
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Fireplace/V2_1
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Fireplace Tools
{anc} flottante puppy. milk. layA / with collar 3Li
West VillageHand Thrown Terracotta Urn
West Village Vintage Dice Decor
West Village Novelty Cricket Ball
West Village Lily Leaves Spray
Mithral * String of Hearts Bottle (Hanging)
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F – Static

Decor Group Gift Home Decor Homes SecondLife Decor Shiny Shabby

_Ɲσ ƇєƖƖ Rєcєρтιση_

I could not think of a better place to be… just leave me here in the woods.

Babe come find me.

no cell reception 1

NEW!! HISA – Forest Retreat @Shiny Shabby
NEW!! Hisa – Gift – Lanterne D’aurora @Group Gift

Botanical – Seasonal Campfire v2
Botanical – Seasonal Log Seat 1 v1.1
Botanical – T2C Stacked Firewood
Botanical T2C Mesh Fir 05
Botanical – Dirt Road Long Curve
+Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer – Coffee – Walk
[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush

Belle.Event Decor FaMESHed Home Decor Homes SecondLife Decor


I’ve always wanted a bay window it’s like a private framed painting that allows you to see this beautiful world of ours.

This room now filled with a few of my favourite things but just missing one… ♥

Butterfly Nook

Hisa – La maisonette D’Aurora @ FaMESHed

Barley Home & Decor – Havana Chair – Yellow ADULT @ Bloom
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Lantern – Dark/Silver @ Belle
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Butterfly Ring – COPPER @ Belle
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
..::THOR::.. Storybook Shelf
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 1 + Memories
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 2
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 3
..::THOR::.. Book of FairyTales
+Half-Deer+ Butterfleye Bell Jar 
Pewpew!Fern Planter – Silver (Show/Hide Hanger)
(fd) Climbing Plant Green
Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
Birdy – Spring – Worn Rug
Mutresse-Quirky Corgis-02

Access Decor FaMESHed Group Gift Group Gifts Home Decor SecondLife Decor Uncategorized

_Ɯну Lєανє?_

Self Isolation….I could think of nothing better.

Im going to be here

MudHoney Photo Room 4

BackBone Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Set – Adult @ Access
BackBone FunnyBone #8 – Grumpy Gamer
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Bed 8Li
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Desk 8 Li (4 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Fridge 4 Li ( 2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Drinks – Pack & Can (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Keyboard & Mouse 2 Li (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Shelf 2 Li (4 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Bunny 1 Li (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Noodles 2 Li (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Mangas 1 Li
BackBone Comfy Cloud Set – Adult @ FaMESHed
BackBone FunnyBone #7 – Comfy Cuddlebuddy 
Orbit Faux Fur Chair 7Li (multiple colour combinations)
Floor Lamp 3 Li (2 colour options)
BackBone Sliding Wardrobe @ Mainstore
BackBone Katana Wall Rack – Pink @ Group Gift
BackBone Laundry Basket – Clothes – White @ Group Gift
BackBone Media Pouffe @ Group Gift
BackBone Cute Corgi Pillows (7 colours) @ New March Group Gift
BackBone Giant Digital Watch Clock – Blue
FunnyBone Display with Figurines 
BackBone Kiss & Tell Toy Case – Pink

Leave me here 3
Extra Decor Clutter
{moss&mink} Heart Drop Lights
{moss&mink} Book & Mags
{moss&mink} I Believe
-tres blah-Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Peonies (Silver)
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Pamper
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Globe (Adventure Awaits)
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Sweet Nothings
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Perfume
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Snail Mail
+Half-Deer+Neatly Folded Blankets – White
+Half-Deer+ Slumber Lamp – Cat – White
dust bunny.quirky planters 3. rainbow planter
dust bunny. quirky planters 3. giraffe planter
dust bunny. quirky planters 3. piggy planter
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter White
_CandyDoll_Fancy Rug White

Leave me here 2


Access Belle.Event Decor Equal 10 Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Nights like_

It’s nights like this that makes me fall deeper.


RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Flower-Garden Lavatory RARE @ Gacha

BackBone Inflatable Hot Tub @ Belle.Event
BackBone FunnyBone #5 – Sparkly Spy (with Hot Tub)
BackBone Media Center & Speakers @ Mainstore
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – Holo @ Access
BackBone Media Pouffe @ December Group Gift
BackBone Crashed UFO Light Projector @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path 
BackBone FunnyBone #2 – Bold Believer @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path 
BackBone FunnyBone #1 – Naughty Streamer (with Streamer Set) @ Mainstore
+Half-Deer+ Pixel Heart Light – Rainbow @ Equal10
MVT – Net and Chill PINK @ Equal10

The Hot Tub

Access Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Girls Night_

Yess!!! Time to let loose and “Pig Out” and watch bad movies listen to music chill and gossip…Open Invitation!!

Girls Night Pig Out

MudHoney Photo Room 3

BackBone Media Center
BackBone Media Center – Speaker – Pink
BackBoneLove Nest – Adult
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – Pink, Blue Holo, Violet, Blue, Black @ Access
BackBone Gamer’s Shelf
BackBone Gaming Bean Bag – PG
BackBone Vinyl Record Storage – Pink @ Group Gift
[ keke ] kaboom pulsing neon sign – blue
-tres blah-Jolie – Makeup Bag RARE @ Gacha
Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Snack Attack
-tres blah- Salad Days – Lavender Planner
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Coffee Run
Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Making Memories
-tres blah- Salad Days – Cat Face Jade
-tres blah- Salad Days – Fox Tail Agave
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Pink – Flat (Bra)
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – White – Flat (Panties)
{moss&mink} I Believe @ Gift – Madpea Green Mire 

Collabor88 Decor FaMESHed Furniture Home Decor SecondLife Decor


The Play Room.png

MudHoney Photo Room 4

BackBone Leather Sofa 
BackBone Leather Ottoman
BackBone Fluffy Rug – Black
BackBone Love Nest 
BackBone Bondage Rack
BackBone Kinky Toy Rack
BackBone Kinky Mannequin 
BackBone Black Sun Mirror
220ml – Wineshelf Mooie – Shelf w/ Bottle @ FaMESHed
220ML – Food&Wine Kit 
Second Spaces – vulnerability mirror – pewter, no cracks @ Collabora88
Mithral *Wall Pipe Display 
Mithral * Anthurium Vittarifolium 
Mithral * Colocasia Black Magic 
Mithral * Alocasia Cuprea 
Mithral *Monstera Adansonii 
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Red – Draped (Bra)
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Red – Flat (Panties)
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude @ Gacha
[ keke ] cluster of bulbs – chrome 
[Merak] Candle Box – Gold @ Group Gift
Raindale – Love sign – gold (LoveSick Hunt)
Apple FallCushion – Satin, Bronze
.random.Matter. – Paint It Black – Pillow [Baroque] @ Gacha
MudHoney Ruffle Curtains
Fapple– The Rodion Mask

Decor Furniture Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Wanna Play_

Some days you just want to escape to that space where you get to live out your deepest fantasies … you wanna play?

Wanna Play.png

BackBone Streamer’s Set @ Mainstore
BackBone Streamer’s Desk – Pink / White
BackBone Streamer’s Chair
BackBone Streamer’s Light – Pink
BackBone FunnyBone #1 – Naughty Streamer 
BackBone FunnyBone Display Shelf – Season 1 @ Gift Maintsore
BackBone Gaming Bean Bag @ Mainstore
BackBone FunnyBone #3 – Burdened Boyfriend 
BackBone Giant Digital Watch Clock – Blue @ Mainstore
BackBone December Group Gift @ Mainstore
BackBone Media Pouffe
BackBone FunnyBone #4 – Noisy Nutcracker @ Gift December 19 FaMESHed
BackBone Crashed UFO Light Projector @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path 
BackBone FunnyBone #2 – Bold Believer (stand) @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path
BackBone Gamer’s Shelf

Clutter & Extras
REIGN.– ALIEN CHUGGER @Green Mire – Journalist Path
Yokai – Cute AlienGhost @ Green Mire Believers Path
[Kres] UFO Lamp @Green Mire Believers Path
{moss&mink} I Believe – Notebook clutter @ Green Mire Believers Path
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sprawl) Gacha
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Lying down) Gacha
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Pink – Bra & Panties
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter White
_CandyDoll_Fancy Rug White

MudHoney Photo Room 7 (Edited to add Carpet)

Anthem Anthem Event Decor Epiphany Group Gift Group Gifts Home Decor Shiny Shabby

_The Morning After_

The purity of the after-party clean up showing that you had fun the night before, you don’t really want to clean up just take the time to relive the fun and chaos of the night before. The light creeps in though and you know the inevitable will occur time to clean up…

Morning after.png

MudHoney Photo Room 5

Nutmeg. December Eve Chair w/Blanket Decor
Nutmeg. December Eve Lace
Nutmeg. December Eve Candles
Nutmeg. December Eve Black Plates
Nutmeg. December Eve Ladles
Nutmeg. December Eve Lamp
Nutmeg. December Eve Mirror
Nutmeg. December Eve Plate Stack
Nutmeg. December Eve Vase Rare
NUTMEG. RUSTIC SET @ Shiny Shabby – Group Gift
Nutmeg. Rustic Table
NUTMEG. RUSTIC SLED @ Anthem – Under the tree
REKA. ANGELS & PAPERS @ Group Gift Mainstore
ReKa. Angels In Love
ReKa. Festive Papers
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Fireplace/V1_2
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Fireplace Tools
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Firewood Bins/V1
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Lamp Long
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Messy Armchair Adult
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Floor Blanket
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Rug Decor
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Console Table/V1
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Tray
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Leather Ottoman Cuddle
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Books
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Papers Bonus Item
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons – Black Tie – Group
+Half-Deer+ Gold Confetti – Big @ Anthem – Under the tree