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_Ƭнєяє ιѕ Jσу_

My Joy

MudHoney Classic Photo Room 4
Moonley Inc. – Red Elegance Frame Set @MIIX Event
KUHR Babygirl Chair @MIIX Event
MDC Red is hot Seat @MIIX Event
BackBone Display Mannequin – Black & Gold @Kustom 9
Mistero Hat&Glasses by Madame Noir@MIIX Event
veyard_ F04 anti glasses (red) Gacha @MIIX Event
JACOBS – Angelina Baguette. Cherry @MIIX Event
BackBone Beauty Station Clutter Nail Polish 
BackBone Perfume
BackBone Powder
BackBone Unibox
Garbaggio // Shoe Boxes
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Classics
floorplan. simple sideboard
+Half-Deer+ Gold Confetti 
dust bunny. fiddle leaf tree
[ keke ] heart balloon – valentine red

Decor Happy Weekend Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Mу Sρσт_

“Move you are in my spot!”

my spot

BackBone Patio Lounger – PG 60L for Saturday Only @Happy Weekend
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Light (Companion)
8, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Taiko- (Drum)
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kame- (rain jar) 
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kusaritoi- (rain chain)
11, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Hasu- (Lotus) 
15, [[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Geta Display- 
Compulsion Shoin House 
Compulsion Bonsai 2
Compulsion Plant 11
Bee Designs Kitsune Gazebo gacha 9- Parasol
25 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s Clock 
dust bunny. darling rug
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Big Group – White 


Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor Shiny Shabby

_A ℓιттℓє Ʋιѕιтσя_

There’s a warm breeze and a soft chirp coming from downstairs…its the reason I moved to be closer to nature.

Welcome, little buddy…

New Friends

NEW! HISA – Forest Retreat @Shiny Shabby
Barley Cornwall Set
Charcoal Dresser, Hanging Shelf, Candlestick Set, Planters, Trellis
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Messy Armchair Adult
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Book Pile
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Fireplace/V2_1
Nutmeg. Warm Respite Fireplace Tools
{anc} flottante puppy. milk. layA / with collar 3Li
West VillageHand Thrown Terracotta Urn
West Village Vintage Dice Decor
West Village Novelty Cricket Ball
West Village Lily Leaves Spray
Mithral * String of Hearts Bottle (Hanging)
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F – Static

Decor Group Gift Home Decor Homes SecondLife Decor Shiny Shabby

_Ɲσ ƇєƖƖ Rєcєρтιση_

I could not think of a better place to be… just leave me here in the woods.

Babe come find me.

no cell reception 1

NEW!! HISA – Forest Retreat @Shiny Shabby
NEW!! Hisa – Gift – Lanterne D’aurora @Group Gift

Botanical – Seasonal Campfire v2
Botanical – Seasonal Log Seat 1 v1.1
Botanical – T2C Stacked Firewood
Botanical T2C Mesh Fir 05
Botanical – Dirt Road Long Curve
+Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer – Coffee – Walk
[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush

Belle.Event Decor FaMESHed Home Decor Homes SecondLife Decor


I’ve always wanted a bay window it’s like a private framed painting that allows you to see this beautiful world of ours.

This room now filled with a few of my favourite things but just missing one… ♥

Butterfly Nook

Hisa – La maisonette D’Aurora @ FaMESHed

Barley Home & Decor – Havana Chair – Yellow ADULT @ Bloom
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Lantern – Dark/Silver @ Belle
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Butterfly Ring – COPPER @ Belle
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
..::THOR::.. Storybook Shelf
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 1 + Memories
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 2
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 3
..::THOR::.. Book of FairyTales
+Half-Deer+ Butterfleye Bell Jar 
Pewpew!Fern Planter – Silver (Show/Hide Hanger)
(fd) Climbing Plant Green
Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
Birdy – Spring – Worn Rug
Mutresse-Quirky Corgis-02

Access Decor FaMESHed Group Gift Group Gifts Home Decor SecondLife Decor Uncategorized

_Ɯну Lєανє?_

Self Isolation….I could think of nothing better.

Im going to be here

MudHoney Photo Room 4

BackBone Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Set – Adult @ Access
BackBone FunnyBone #8 – Grumpy Gamer
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Bed 8Li
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Desk 8 Li (4 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Fridge 4 Li ( 2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Drinks – Pack & Can (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Keyboard & Mouse 2 Li (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Shelf 2 Li (4 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Bunny 1 Li (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Noodles 2 Li (2 colours)
Lazy Gamer’s Hideout Mangas 1 Li
BackBone Comfy Cloud Set – Adult @ FaMESHed
BackBone FunnyBone #7 – Comfy Cuddlebuddy 
Orbit Faux Fur Chair 7Li (multiple colour combinations)
Floor Lamp 3 Li (2 colour options)
BackBone Sliding Wardrobe @ Mainstore
BackBone Katana Wall Rack – Pink @ Group Gift
BackBone Laundry Basket – Clothes – White @ Group Gift
BackBone Media Pouffe @ Group Gift
BackBone Cute Corgi Pillows (7 colours) @ New March Group Gift
BackBone Giant Digital Watch Clock – Blue
FunnyBone Display with Figurines 
BackBone Kiss & Tell Toy Case – Pink

Leave me here 3
Extra Decor Clutter
{moss&mink} Heart Drop Lights
{moss&mink} Book & Mags
{moss&mink} I Believe
-tres blah-Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Peonies (Silver)
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Pamper
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Globe (Adventure Awaits)
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Sweet Nothings
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Perfume
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Snail Mail
+Half-Deer+Neatly Folded Blankets – White
+Half-Deer+ Slumber Lamp – Cat – White
dust bunny.quirky planters 3. rainbow planter
dust bunny. quirky planters 3. giraffe planter
dust bunny. quirky planters 3. piggy planter
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter White
_CandyDoll_Fancy Rug White

Leave me here 2


Access Belle.Event Decor Equal 10 Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Nights like_

It’s nights like this that makes me fall deeper.


RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Flower-Garden Lavatory RARE @ Gacha

BackBone Inflatable Hot Tub @ Belle.Event
BackBone FunnyBone #5 – Sparkly Spy (with Hot Tub)
BackBone Media Center & Speakers @ Mainstore
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – Holo @ Access
BackBone Media Pouffe @ December Group Gift
BackBone Crashed UFO Light Projector @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path 
BackBone FunnyBone #2 – Bold Believer @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path 
BackBone FunnyBone #1 – Naughty Streamer (with Streamer Set) @ Mainstore
+Half-Deer+ Pixel Heart Light – Rainbow @ Equal10
MVT – Net and Chill PINK @ Equal10

The Hot Tub

Access Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Girls Night_

Yess!!! Time to let loose and “Pig Out” and watch bad movies listen to music chill and gossip…Open Invitation!!

Girls Night Pig Out

MudHoney Photo Room 3

BackBone Media Center
BackBone Media Center – Speaker – Pink
BackBoneLove Nest – Adult
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – Pink, Blue Holo, Violet, Blue, Black @ Access
BackBone Gamer’s Shelf
BackBone Gaming Bean Bag – PG
BackBone Vinyl Record Storage – Pink @ Group Gift
[ keke ] kaboom pulsing neon sign – blue
-tres blah-Jolie – Makeup Bag RARE @ Gacha
Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Snack Attack
-tres blah- Salad Days – Lavender Planner
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Coffee Run
Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Making Memories
-tres blah- Salad Days – Cat Face Jade
-tres blah- Salad Days – Fox Tail Agave
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Pink – Flat (Bra)
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – White – Flat (Panties)
{moss&mink} I Believe @ Gift – Madpea Green Mire 

Collabor88 Decor FaMESHed Furniture Home Decor SecondLife Decor


The Play Room.png

MudHoney Photo Room 4

BackBone Leather Sofa 
BackBone Leather Ottoman
BackBone Fluffy Rug – Black
BackBone Love Nest 
BackBone Bondage Rack
BackBone Kinky Toy Rack
BackBone Kinky Mannequin 
BackBone Black Sun Mirror
220ml – Wineshelf Mooie – Shelf w/ Bottle @ FaMESHed
220ML – Food&Wine Kit 
Second Spaces – vulnerability mirror – pewter, no cracks @ Collabora88
Mithral *Wall Pipe Display 
Mithral * Anthurium Vittarifolium 
Mithral * Colocasia Black Magic 
Mithral * Alocasia Cuprea 
Mithral *Monstera Adansonii 
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Red – Draped (Bra)
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Red – Flat (Panties)
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude @ Gacha
[ keke ] cluster of bulbs – chrome 
[Merak] Candle Box – Gold @ Group Gift
Raindale – Love sign – gold (LoveSick Hunt)
Apple FallCushion – Satin, Bronze
.random.Matter. – Paint It Black – Pillow [Baroque] @ Gacha
MudHoney Ruffle Curtains
Fapple– The Rodion Mask

Decor Furniture Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Wanna Play_

Some days you just want to escape to that space where you get to live out your deepest fantasies … you wanna play?

Wanna Play.png

BackBone Streamer’s Set @ Mainstore
BackBone Streamer’s Desk – Pink / White
BackBone Streamer’s Chair
BackBone Streamer’s Light – Pink
BackBone FunnyBone #1 – Naughty Streamer 
BackBone FunnyBone Display Shelf – Season 1 @ Gift Maintsore
BackBone Gaming Bean Bag @ Mainstore
BackBone FunnyBone #3 – Burdened Boyfriend 
BackBone Giant Digital Watch Clock – Blue @ Mainstore
BackBone December Group Gift @ Mainstore
BackBone Media Pouffe
BackBone FunnyBone #4 – Noisy Nutcracker @ Gift December 19 FaMESHed
BackBone Crashed UFO Light Projector @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path 
BackBone FunnyBone #2 – Bold Believer (stand) @ Green Mire Adventure – Journalist Path
BackBone Gamer’s Shelf

Clutter & Extras
REIGN.– ALIEN CHUGGER @Green Mire – Journalist Path
Yokai – Cute AlienGhost @ Green Mire Believers Path
[Kres] UFO Lamp @Green Mire Believers Path
{moss&mink} I Believe – Notebook clutter @ Green Mire Believers Path
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sprawl) Gacha
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Lying down) Gacha
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Pink – Bra & Panties
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter White
_CandyDoll_Fancy Rug White

MudHoney Photo Room 7 (Edited to add Carpet)