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When you need to take a moment

BackBone Kittyvision Diorama @Group Gift

BackBone Love Nest – PG @60L Weekend

BackBone Streamer’s Desk 

BackBone Gamer Life Lights 

BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow 

BackBone Glitter Curtain 

BackBone Cute Corgi Pillow 

_CandyDoll_Fancy Rug White

dust bunny. paradise plants.

Decor FaMESHed Group Gift Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Ɯє αƖƖ ηєєɗ тнαт ρƖαcє ωє cαη ѕιт αηɗ fιηɗ ρєαcє_

In my room

NEW!! HISA – SommerHus @FaMESHed
BackBone Air Lounger – Adult 
BackBone Chic Bunny Floor Lamp 
BackBone Chic Bunny Foot Stool – White 
BackBone Cute Corgi Pillow – White 
NEW!! BackBone Display Mannequin – White & Gold (f) @Kustom9
NEW!! BackBone The Unforgettable Unicorn@Group Gift
Con.&floorplan. woven rug 
Elm. Cora Closet: Books & Crystal Planter @FaMESHed
Elm. Cora Closet: Cactus [Light] 
Elm. Cora Closet: Clothes Rack [Light] 
Elm. Cora Closet: Decor Boxes 
Elm. Cora Closet: Mirror [Light] 
Elm. Cora Closet: Shelf [Light] 
Elm. Cora Closet: Standing Frames 
dust bunny . paradise plants . fan palm @FaMESHed
dust bunny . paradise plants . fan palm . pink 
dust bunny . paradise plants . monstera tree 
dust bunny . paradise plants . pineapple plant
dust bunny . paradise plants . pineapple plant . pink
JIAN Forest Cat Static – Stare

Decor Home Decor MIIX Event SecondLife Decor Secondlife Fashion Womens Fashion

_Ƭнєяє ιѕ Jσу_

My Joy

MudHoney Classic Photo Room 4
Moonley Inc. – Red Elegance Frame Set @MIIX Event
KUHR Babygirl Chair @MIIX Event
MDC Red is hot Seat @MIIX Event
BackBone Display Mannequin – Black & Gold @Kustom 9
Mistero Hat&Glasses by Madame Noir@MIIX Event
veyard_ F04 anti glasses (red) Gacha @MIIX Event
JACOBS – Angelina Baguette. Cherry @MIIX Event
BackBone Beauty Station Clutter Nail Polish 
BackBone Perfume
BackBone Powder
BackBone Unibox
Garbaggio // Shoe Boxes
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Classics
floorplan. simple sideboard
+Half-Deer+ Gold Confetti 
dust bunny. fiddle leaf tree
[ keke ] heart balloon – valentine red

Deco(c)rate Decor FaMESHed Home Decor Homes SecondLife Decor

_Hσηєу Lємση Sυммєя_

I can think of nothing more perfect than lazy summer days here with you.


NEW!! HISA – SommerHus @FaMESHed
Hisa – Gift – Lanterne D’aurora
HISA – Wall Foliage – C
HISA – Newland Mailbox
HISA – La Petite Cloture – Stone Path
CONVAIR Lawn Set @Decocrate
Flora Rattan Set * CHEZ MOI @Decocrate
KraftWork Almeria Coffee Table Dark Wood
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket
BackBone Lemon Tray
Myrrine – Step with pots
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Planting Pots
Dust Bunny. recycled pots
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup
Apple Fall Apiary Bee Hive White
Apple Fall Vintage Bee Skep
LOVE – Lemon Tree- Fruitful – A2
LOVE – Wildflower Meadow Patch – Lemon

Decor Happy Weekend Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Mу Sρσт_

“Move you are in my spot!”

my spot

BackBone Patio Lounger – PG 60L for Saturday Only @Happy Weekend
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Light (Companion)
8, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Taiko- (Drum)
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kame- (rain jar) 
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kusaritoi- (rain chain)
11, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Hasu- (Lotus) 
15, [[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Geta Display- 
Compulsion Shoin House 
Compulsion Bonsai 2
Compulsion Plant 11
Bee Designs Kitsune Gazebo gacha 9- Parasol
25 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s Clock 
dust bunny. darling rug
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Big Group – White 


Decor Group Gift Home Decor SecondLife Decor



HISA – English Garden Shed and Bush @Stayhome Gift
NEW!! HISA – La Petite Cloture -fence and stone path @Group Gift
dust bunny. woodland dreams. carved table 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. carved wooden screen 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. doughnut cake 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. feather incense 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. french horn planter 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. fresh rose tea 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. hanging macrame chair 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. head planter 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. hedgehog planter 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. macrame art
dust bunny. woodland dreams. pillow ottoman 
dust bunny. woodland dreams. rosey suitcase 

60L Weekend Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor Uber Uncategorized

_Mу Afтєяησση Off_

Yes, Please let me create this space in the real world and just leave me there with a good book!

My Afternoon Off

Hisa – Seabreeze @Uber
BackBone Patio Sofa & Table – PG  @60L Weekend
BackBone Hammock Chair -PG
dust bunny. woodland dreams. branch curtain 
hive // large palm plant . light
hive // lucky heart plant . group gift 
hive // silver dollar eucalyptus . group gift
..::THOR::.. Agave 
..::THOR::.. Boho Cushion 
..::THOR::.. Cage Firepit 
..::THOR::.. Ceramic Glass 
..::THOR::.. Charming Books & Old Keys 
..::THOR::.. Clay Bottle 1 
..::THOR::.. Clay Bottle 2 
..::THOR::.. Clay Bottle 3 
..::THOR::.. Cute Plant 
..::THOR::.. DIY Plant Stand 
..::THOR::.. Ginkgo Pitcher 
..::THOR::.. Gold Chalice 
..::THOR::.. Linen Placemat 
..::THOR::.. Ornate Silverware 
..::THOR::.. Pitcher & bottle 
..::THOR::.. Plate of Tangerines 
..::THOR::.. Porcelain Daisy – Teal 
..::THOR::.. Porcelain Daisy – White 
..::THOR::.. Porcelain Rose – Teal 
..::THOR::.. Porcelain Rose – White 
..::THOR::.. Salt Shaker 
..::THOR::.. Scented Candle 
..::THOR::.. Silver Candle Holder A 
..::THOR::.. Silver Candle Holder B 
..::THOR::.. Tea Tin Centerpiece ULTRARARE 
..::THOR::.. Tea Tin Rosmeray Teal 
..::THOR::.. Twinkling Lights 
Ariskea{Australia} Macrame Rug 

Decor Ephiphany Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Ɛνєяутнιηg Iη Iтѕ Ƥℓαcє_

I won’t say sorry for the mess. I have everything exactly where I want it to be.

books and kitties 1

NEW!! HISA– Forest Retreat @Shiny Shabby
DISORDERLY. / Book Retreat Set @The Epiphany
Bath Tub / Rare
Bath Tray
Bath Mat
Laundry Basket
dust bunny. potted cheese plant
dust bunny. potted bromeliad
dust bunny. potted palm
tarte. hanging trailing jade plant
JIAN Forest Cat Static – Stare
JIAN Forest Cat Static – Stand

Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Ɯαѕн Uρ_

It’s not a new thing to wash your hands but it’s a strong message that we all should follow…wash your hands of the things that make you unhappy.

waah up

BackBonePlaytime Modular Wall Set
BackBone Playtime Bathtub – Adult
BackBone Laundry Decor Set @Group Gift
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – White
Mithral* Living Wall Display (Black)
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
Apple Fall Long Curtain (Old Item)
dust bunny. happy hour tray
dust bunny. overnight bag
dust bunny. quirky planters 3
dust bunny. fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny. potted palm
dust bunny. potted cheese plant

Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_Hєяє Ƈσмєѕ тнє Sυη_

The Flowers have bloomed and the sun is filtering through the trees the light is a renewal…

Self Isolation

Barley Home & Decor– Seattle Self-Quarantine Safe Space WHITE  @N21
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Butterfly Ring – SILVER @Belle Event
DaD “Les Palmiers window bench” group gift v.1.0 c/m @Group Gift
DaD “Hydrangea Pot GROUP GIFT 3/20” c/m @New Group Gift
DaD “Vintage Pink Peony Wheel Wreath” c/m @Anthem
dust bunny. blossom typewriter @FaMESHed
dust bunny. blossom books @FaMESHed
Ariskea[Amitie] Flower Lamp Violet @Anthem 
Ariskea[Amitie] Flower Lamp LightPink 
..::THOR::.. Whimsical Picnic @Anthem 
 Mossy Drawer RARE
Ginkgo Pitcher
 Twinkling Lights
Silver Candle Holder A
Silver Candle Holder B
Scented Candle
Porcelain Rose – White
Porcelain Daisy – White
Salt Shaker
 Charming Books & Old Keys
JIANKitten Collection:: (Sleepy 1)
JIAN Kitten Collection:: (Inquisitive)
JIAN Kitten Collection:: (Hi!)
[we’re CLOSED] sunbeam
{anc}fluff of a dandelion 
T-Spot Cobblestone Path w/ Grass 
[we’re CLOSED] white flowers
*alirium* nanohana