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_Deadly Dance_

She knew she was doing wrong the moment her hands picked up the hilts of the swords but she was different than the others she had a fire and a fight inside her that needed to be released. At first, it was to prove she was like her brothers powerful and able to defend herself, it wasn’t till later that she learned that she could turn that into its own beauty a deadly dance that would entice them in and would ultimately be their downfall.

Closer dance.png


Exile:: Nightfall @ Anthem
**CC** – Glamour Glitter – Stardust (Nebula)
Insomnia Angel . No.2 unlife a?**y*k?s?e [cyber] @ Neo Japan
Luas Azumi Kimono Freya Purple & Green @ Neo Japan
*[CX] Oshioki Geta – Black ( Belleza ) @ Neo Japan
Pose – Poseidon Shadow Dancer 4 Box
Geishas – Imadesu Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan


Do You Dance.png

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This sweet heat….

So much cute stuff around at the moment I can’t keep up with it all. We can all be thankful for all the amazing wonderful bloggers in second life allowing us the opportunity to see the awesome stuff.

Sweet Heat

TRUTH HAIR Cerys @ New
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
L’Etre – Catwa head Linda Applier
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Evening
PMS – Death Sentence Tattoo – Light @ Bodyfy Event
PANAVIA COLIAS Gd-MP -Glasses modded @ Cosmopolitan
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Stay High Tank Top Maitreya @ New Promo Price for HUD
Blueberry – Lola – Denim Shorts – Maitreya
G&D Sandals Cara Fatpack Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan
**CC** – Heat Wave (white hot) Body Particle @ Cosmopolitan
BJK * Caravan Gacha @ Cosmopolitan
JIAN – Beach Corgi :: Drink Cooler

This sweet heat.png

Cosmopolitan Destinations Eyes FLF Hair Jewelry Maison de L'amitie Mesh Bodies Mesh Head Nails Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes

I need a little time to think…

Have you been to the newly renovated Maison de L’amitie sim…come bring your friends and explore….go find the hidden grotto and relax to the soothing sounds of the waterfall and birds chirping.

Body 1

So this weeks best FLF finds are from Pixicat and REIGN. This gorgeous tropical romper and a fatpack of sandals with 2 color HUDs one for Blueberry and the other REIGN (am totally loving these HUDS).


TRUTH HAIR Avena [Extra Whisp Add Attach]
IKON Triumph Eyes – Midnight
Insol. #7 – Face β€˜Ilona’, ST04 β€˜Copper’
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
*AvaWay*_Nikki_Necklace @ Cosmopolitan
-Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuits – Tropical (Maitreya) @ FLF
:: hsh :: Nail Applier 03 [ Maitreya ] @ Cosmopolitan
**CC** – Summer Solstice – (juice) @ Cosmopolitan
Purple Poses Jannyce
Destination – Maison deL’amitie


Thank you xxx

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Don’t come find me…

There are moments in life when you don’t want to be disturbed in your own little world where you want to wander off into the jungle and disappear and hope that no one comes looking for you. I have these moments all the time and I think its all just part of life. But then when the search party finds you your not disappointed your relieved that your not alone again.

Don't come find me...

.:EMO-tions:. * FRANKA * (busty) @ Cosmopolitan
IKON Triumph Eyes – Midnight
. PUKI . My Short Square Nails . 10 . MaitreyaΒ 
Asteria – Stela Skirt – [Maitreya] – Red @ Cosmopolitan
Asteria – Stela Top – [Maitreya] – Red @ C0smopolitan
– Italiano – Sandals Caprice Maitreya ALL COLOR @ Cosmopolitan
Kibitz – Amisa rings [L] maitreya 10 – Gold @ Kustom 9
Kibitz – Amisa bracelet Gold @ Kustom 9
TABOU. Lily necklace -Gold @ Hello TuesdayΒ 
KIRIN Poses – Natsu
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
**CC** – Summer Solstice – (gardens) particles @ Cosmopolitan
Maison de L’amitie

Sparkle Kitty.jpg

Thank you xxx

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Step Outside.

Everyone needs a moment to stop step outside and take a deep breath, we get so caught up in our screens that we forget about all the beauty we can experience by stepping outside the door.

Close up garden


Amacci Hair – Bella – Blonde @ Cosmopolitan

SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head -01

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

[hh] Karla Dress Maitreya v1 @ Cosmopolitan

*agp* Ellie Laceup Sandals Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

[MANDALA] Pierced Elf Ears

{ Speakeasy } Crazy Cat Lady Tattoo – Omega

**CC** – Mother Nature (wearable particles) @ Cosmopolitan

Verocity – Laura Pose Set @ Hello Tuesday

In the garden


!six o’clock! Vintage Roulotte (Caravan) @ Cosmopolitan

*AF* Tulips in Log Planters (Some Modded) @ Cosmopolitan

CCD MESH – Deco Pergola @ Cosmopolitan

CCD MESH – Tree Plants @ CosmopolitanΒ 

Clutter Home – Ten Sleep Bird House @ Hello Tuesday

JIAN Kitten Collection

Cosmopolitan Decor Hair Hello Tuesday Home Decor Jewellery Secondlife Fashion Shoes Womens Fashion

Before you can love another you must first love yourself.

I see so much pain in SL and especially on FB in regards to SL and partnerships or even just relationships a new one every week or so and when it starts its all beautiful flowers love and sappy poems and such but does it end so quickly because we expect it to or for another reason. So many times I have said to friends to just take time to be happy by yourself learn to love yourself first and then the right one will come along and stay.

Love your self first

So many amazing sexy pieces can be found at this new round of Cosmopolitan and with it being the month of love and Valentines day around the corner what better time than now to go grab the sexiness and create a perfect getaway for your special someone or even just for yourself

What I’m Wearing

ICONIC: HAIR: KIRA -2016 Colorsets – Vamps @ Cosmopolitan

-SECRETS- Princess Day – Silver Crown @ Cosmopolitan

**[BAMBOO] – AIDA LIPS @ CosmopolitanΒ 

Cae :: Tender :: Necklace @ Cosmopolitan

**CC** Love Dusted (Hearts & Sparkles) Emitter @ Cosmopolitan

Milk Tea: Aida Red Lingerie @ Cosmopolitan

:::ChicChica::: Lexie – Noir Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Love yourself.png


.:V:. Violetility – Boudoir Skybox – Dark @ Cosmopolitan

.:V:. Violetility – Boudoir Settee – Black @ Cosmopolitan

.:V:. Violetility – Boudoir Curtain – Dark @ Cosmopolitan

Clutter Home – Carly Candlestick Trio @ Hello Tuesday

Clutter Home – Step Up to Love @ Cosmopolitan

GOOSE – Better with two – Bed @ Cosmopolitan

Ariskea [Nordica] Hybrid Roses Red


Verocity – Eve Pose Set @ Hello Tuesday