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_Hσηєу Lємση Sυммєя_

I can think of nothing more perfect than lazy summer days here with you.


NEW!! HISA – SommerHus @FaMESHed
Hisa – Gift – Lanterne D’aurora
HISA – Wall Foliage – C
HISA – Newland Mailbox
HISA – La Petite Cloture – Stone Path
CONVAIR Lawn Set @Decocrate
Flora Rattan Set * CHEZ MOI @Decocrate
KraftWork Almeria Coffee Table Dark Wood
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket
BackBone Lemon Tray
Myrrine – Step with pots
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Planting Pots
Dust Bunny. recycled pots
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup
Apple Fall Apiary Bee Hive White
Apple Fall Vintage Bee Skep
LOVE – Lemon Tree- Fruitful – A2
LOVE – Wildflower Meadow Patch – Lemon

Decor Happy Weekend Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_MΡƒ Sρσт_

“Move you are in my spot!”

my spot

BackBone Patio Lounger – PG 60L for Saturday OnlyΒ @Happy Weekend
[Rezz Room] Japanese Dragon Animesh Light (Companion)
8, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Taiko- (Drum)
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kame- (rain jar)Β 
10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kusaritoi- (rain chain)
11, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Hasu- (Lotus)Β 
15, [[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Geta Display-Β 
Compulsion Shoin HouseΒ 
Compulsion Bonsai 2
Compulsion Plant 11
Bee Designs Kitsune Gazebo gacha 9- Parasol
25 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s ClockΒ 
dust bunny. darling rug
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Big Group – WhiteΒ 


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_ΖœΞ±Ρ•Π½ Uρ_

It’s not a new thing to wash your hands but it’s a strong message that we all should follow…wash your hands of the things that make you unhappy.

waah up

BackBonePlaytime Modular Wall Set
BackBone Playtime Bathtub – Adult
BackBone Laundry Decor Set @Group Gift
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – White
Mithral* Living Wall Display (Black)
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
Apple Fall Long Curtain (Old Item)
dust bunny. happy hour tray
dust bunny. overnight bag
dust bunny. quirky planters 3
dust bunny. fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny. potted palm
dust bunny. potted cheese plant

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_ΖŠΟƒΟ‰Ξ· OΞ· Ζ¬Π½Ρ” Ζ‘αям_

I’m good here, in my isolation at home, I am loving this opportunity to breathe in the fresh air to spend time in the sun and the best part is I have the peace I so longed for finally.

Down on the Farm

NEW!! Hisa – Hus Pa Landet @The Mainstore
[ Keke ] beach fenceΒ 
Apple Fall Whitehall PathwayΒ 
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheelbarrow
14_8f8 – New Beginnings – First Swim
17_8f8 – New Beginnings – Geese
09_8f8 – New Beginnings – Ladder
07_8f8 – New Beginnings – Chicken Coop
15_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hen Spot
18_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hen Set

Belle.Event Decor FaMESHed Home Decor Homes SecondLife Decor


I’ve always wanted a bay window it’s like a private framed painting that allows you to see this beautiful world of ours.

This room now filled with a few of my favourite things but just missing one… β™₯

Butterfly Nook

Hisa – La maisonette D’Aurora @ FaMESHed

Barley Home & Decor – Havana Chair – Yellow ADULT @ Bloom
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Lantern – Dark/Silver @ Belle
Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Butterfly Ring – COPPER @ Belle
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
..::THOR::.. Storybook Shelf
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 1 + Memories
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 2
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 3
..::THOR::.. Book of FairyTales
+Half-Deer+ Butterfleye Bell JarΒ 
Pewpew!Fern Planter – Silver (Show/Hide Hanger)
(fd) Climbing Plant Green
Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
Birdy – Spring – Worn Rug
Mutresse-Quirky Corgis-02


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Nothing could be more perfect than this.

Wine Time 1

VARONIS – Sombre Skybox

Barley – Napa Valley Complete Set
Wall wine rack, Floor wine racks- modded, Signs.
Barley – Wyoming Chair – Brown LeatherΒ 
junk. animal rug.
220ML – Food&Wine Kit
220ML– Wine Bottle Carrier – Bottle Case
tarte. hanging plants – FULL SET @ Kustom9
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
JIANGrey Wolf:: Static Sleep L
TONY // Fixture — The Ivy Vineage – Hanging V2

Decor Home Decor N21 SecondLife Decor

_LΞ±Ο…Ξ·βˆ‚ΡΡƒ ΖŠΞ±Ρƒ Hєℓρєяѕ_

You can’t be mad at them, I mean just look at their cute faces as you can see they are here to help, even though that now means you have to wash everything again.

Laundry Day Helpers

Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE

Barley Home & Decor – Portland Set – Full Set (New*) @ N21
Includes – Back Table, Baskets, Cabinets, Washer and Dryer and Laundry tray sign.
[Schultz Bros.] Hanging Laundry Forks
[Schultz Bros.] Vintage Laundry Cart
{moss&mink} 2 Tier Planter (White)
{moss&mink} Plant – Sack Palm
{moss&mink} Plant – Hostas (Cream)
dust bunny.hammock chair. medium
dust bunny. braided rug
dust bunny. spring laundry basket
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. detergent bottles
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. large cloth stack
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. rolled towels
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. cloth stack
dust bunny. spring washline
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 12. Laundry Pups

Belle.Event Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_IΞ· σя OΟ…Ρ‚?_

The next-door neighbours must think I’m a crazy lady with the amount of screaming at my cat they here…I mean it’s simple you wanna go out you wanna come in pick one…I am not here to bend to your whim.

in or out

Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE

Barley – Charleston Entry Nook – ACAJOU(New*) @ Belle Event
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. hanging tote bag
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. blanket on hanger
dust bunny. laundry room clutter. cloth stack
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Snail Mail
JIANKitten Collection:: Static (Hi!)
Scarlet Creative Darcy Runner Rug Navy MT
Scarlet Creative Darcy Linen Flyaway Curtain MT
Ariskea [Echo] Hanging Ivy plant [Blue]
Mithral * Caged String of Hearts (White)
Mithral * String of Hearts Bottle (Hanging)
Mithral * Ceramic Watering Can (White)
Mithral * Ceramic Mister (White)
{moss&mink} Plant – Hostas (Navy)
{moss&mink} Plant – Sack Palm
[ keke ]cluster of bulbs – chrome – midi

Decor Epiphany FaMESHed Home Decor SecondLife Decor

_SΡ”Ρ‚Ρ‚β„“Ρ” IΞ·_

By the fire

Trompe Loeil – Skylar Cliffside CottageΒ 

BackBone Cozy Fireplace & Rug @ FaMESHed
BackBone Towel Rack w/ Towel – Copper @ Jan Group Gift
BackBone Wall Clutter @ Old Group Gift
BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow – White
K&S – Old Wooden Bedroom Set @ Epiphany
K&S – // Old wooden bed Light Rare
K&S – // Old wooden wardrobe
K&S – // Pillows dark & light
K&S – // Bedside carpet
K&S – // Domino
K&S – // Bedside table
08 -DaD– The Time is Pipe- FisherPipe @ Epiphany
220ML – Wine Bottle Carrier
West Village Frederick Tufted Bench – Medium Leather, Adult
West Village Naughty Things Tray
Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural
Apple FallLeather Moccasins
Mithral * Anthurium Vittarifolium (Black Pot)
Mithral * Philodendron (Wood Pot)
Mithral * Bird of Paradise (Diamond Pot)
Mithral* Metal Propagation Set (Silver)
Mithral* Sansevieria Moonshine (Concrete Pot)
JIAN Kitten Collection:: Static (Sleepy 1)
JIAN Kitten Collection:: Static (Inquisitive)
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude

Decor Home Decor SecondLife Decor


His Retreat

DaD “NoHo Loft/skybox” v.1.0 c/m @ FaMESHed

BackBone Pool Table
BackBone Pool Cue Rack
BackBone Pool Table Lights
BackBone Lounge Chair
BackBone Under the Stars – Telescope
BackBone Vinyl Record Storage – Black @ Group Gift
BackBone Mini Bar
BackBone Lounge Side Table @ Group Gift
BackBone Tiffany Lamp @ Group Gift
Kalopsia – Curtain – Chevron BeigeΒ 
..::THOR::..Alice Rug @ Anthem
..::THOR::.. Cycle Stool
DaD “NoHo rugs” v.1.0 c/m @ Anthem
DaD “Chesterfield Round pouf” c/mΒ  @ Group GiftΒ 
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
[Rezz Room] Rottweiler Adult Animesh (Companion) @ Man Cave
220ML – Food&Wine KitΒ 
Mithral * Wall Pipe Display (Black)
Mithral * Bird of Paradise Large (Diamond Pot)
Mithral * Sansevieria Moonshine (Concrete Pot)