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When your best friend comes to play…

So I had a little whinge on face book today because I was feeling so lonely in second life….thing is when I go out to meet people I tend to only get the oddest people talking to me and they really only want one thing and I’m soo not about that and when they find that out they disappear lol…So I hide back on the land and make pretty pictures and I am okay with thatΒ but maybe I wan’t okay as I thought I was about it.

I am so lucky and blessed that my best friend in real is so damn awesome and over the last few days she has made her way back to sl and I am so happy because we get to make these pretty pictures and have fun being silly together.


Thank you Aarielle / Michelle for being the most awesomest bestie I could ask for.

Time to play

On Aarielle

Magika [02] Tomorrow

pr!tty – {love cat headband} @ The Chapter Four Anniversary Gift

Lelutka – Mesh Head Simone

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

BUENO – Testify Jacket – Pink

Blueberry – Lola Shorts – Sky

REIGN. – Thigh High Sneakers – Black

Reckless. -Joon II Tattoo

Adores 3

On Me

Love – TC4 – 3rd Anniversary Gift [Blush Hair] – Latte @ The Chapter Four Anniversary Gift

[atooly] the blair bow.rainbow @ The Chapter Four Anniversary GiftΒ 

SOMEMORE / SaeBom Mesh Head – 01 @ SaNaRae Event

LazyBones – Spike Choker – Black @ The Chapter Four Anniversary GiftΒ 

Maitreya Mesh Body – LaraΒ 

AMITOMO.Door Open Jeans + Loose Long Sleeve Tshirt #Set 1 @ Kustom 9

[VALE KOER] TippyToe Chucks

PMS – Leopard Tattoo @ Coming Soon to The Thrift Shop Opens May 7th

Le Poppycock *Celebrate* Pose set @ The Chapter Four Anniversary Gift


RAMA – #Selfie_RAMA Beach Cabana @ The Gacha Garden

Soy. Potted Plant Sets @ Collabor88

[kunst] – Palette art ‘my always’Β  @ The Chapter Four Anniversary Gift

FLECHA – Hand Skate Blue & PinkΒ  @ The Chapter Four Anniversary Gift

Mwuahs xxx

Hair Kustom 9 Poses Shoes The Kawaii Project Womens Fashion

Don’t take the easy way…

Don’t take the easy way take the hard way its much more fun….walk those stairs even if you get blisters cause at the top the view will amaze you and you won’t regret it.

dont take the easy way

What I’m Wearing

Doe: Katrin – Essentials @ The Kawaii Project

[MANDALA] Steking Ears

AMITOMO. Leather Jacket & Knit Dress @ Kustom 9

=Zenith= Lattice Handbag (Red) @ Kustom 9

fri. – Vega .Booties (Crimson) @ Kustom 9


Rowne. Montmarte Staircase . Paris (Rare) @ Dec15 The Arcade Event

+Half+Deer+ Shiba Inu – Standing


[La Baguette]Β 

FaMESHed Hair Jewelry Secondlife Fashion Shoes The Chapter Four The Kawaii Project Uber Womens Fashion

They say this is the wrong side of town…

Wrong side of town2

What I’m Wearing

Doe: Katrin – Essentials @ The Kawaii ProjectΒ (Seriously this hair is life)

[MANDALA] Stretched EarsΒ 

Cae:: Refresh :: Necklace @ FaMESHed

AMITOMO. High Waisted Skinny Jeans+Layered Knit Set A @ The Chapter Fourwrong side2

=Zenith= Pitbull Bag (Black) @ Uber

::ChicChica::: Trish Set 2 Latte @ The Chapter Four

.PUKI. My Square Nails & Rings


Virtual Decay

Collabor88 Destinations Hair Mesh Head On9 Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes The Chapter Four Womens Fashion

Feeling Good

So I’m very happy that my wonderful hubby got me a new second monitor its amazing how easy it makes doing all this and I guess my eyes also got used to using a bigger screen to see everything especially HUDS on a small screen I could hardly see them.

So hopefully it means I can do some better pictures cause I can see what I’m doing but we will wait and see.

I finally got my butt to The Chapter Four soo many amazing things to get but so little time and lindens lol.

I guess one of the biggest things I wanted to do today was send a big shout out to a wonderful designer who has made my days lately super happy. Thank you Lilo DenimoreΒ (:::ChicChica:::)Β for sending me your amazing designs I have adored them so much and can not thank you enough for allowing me to showcase these beauties.

Not today

Hair ~ Β “”D!va””Hair”Julia” (Brown Diamond) // C88

Head ~ Genesis_Head_Annie_2.0_CAPPUCINO // TCF

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Outfit ~ AMITOMO.Loose cardigan look SET#1 // TCF

Shoes ~ :::ChicChica::: Mauleen Ferrari Maitreya // On9 TYΒ β™₯

Companion ~ Birdy. Wooly Cow – Ombre2 // TFC

Pose ~ Le Poppycock *SkinDeep* B // TCF

Destination ~ Maison de L’amitie

Collabor88 Destinations Hair Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Womens Fashion

Natures Dance

Nature’s stage is green on blue
with drifting mounds of white
As caps of foam keep company
with playful liquid light

I watch the pieces dance together
with grace and subtle flair
As each piece humbly plays its part
without a haughty air

Wind blows…. trees sway
Clouds drift… birds soar
Waves roll … river runs
Sun shines … moon glows

As I return from year to year
I perceive the wondrous whole
Yet the pieces change unceasingly
well beyond mankind’s control

Gazing in awe at nature’s dance
I sense inner tension melting
While nature helps me see myself
as one more piece connecting

~ Mark Bratlie ~

Dance till your warm

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR ~ Holly NEW!

Skin ~ [PUMEC] Daria Spring

Cape/ Top ~ -Pixicat- Wintry Cape (Shade) // C88

Jeans ~ Lenox 2015 Denim Womens

Camera ~ {AMITOMO} Vintage CameraΒ 

Boots ~ :Diamante: Sleigh Ride Winter Boots

Destination ~ Winter Moon

Live a little Dance alot!

Mwuahs xxx

Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin The Chapter Four Womens Fashion

Sing what you can’t say…

Right now it’s hard for me
To let go and open up
To tell you how I feel
And what I’m thinking of
I know it hardly shows
It doesn’t mean that I’m not trying

Three little words
One simple thing
I never get it right

So here I am
Singing what I just can’t say
Need you to understand
I love you doesn’t quite explain
So I’m gonna sing what I can’t say

I’m not the type to wear my heart upon my sleeve
I’m not an open book for everone to read
And I hope you don’t confuse
My silence for just not caring

Three little words
Should say it all
They just won’t do tonight

So here I am
Singing what I just can’t say
Need you to understand
I love you doesn’t quite explain
So I’m gonna sing what I can’t say


Sing what you can't say


TRUTH Hair Luella – Browns


{AIMI} Skin Anna Chocolate 07, 08, 09

Another collection of divine skins in your fav tones with the most beautiful hints of soft subtle and sexy colours


AMITOMO. T-shirt over shirt + Roll-up Β shorts set 1 // TCF


Birdy/ Alchemy – Forest Babies – Fox


My land the beautiful forest that surrounds πŸ™‚

Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin Style Womens Fashion

Let Go

Hey you, look what you do to me
You bend and you bruise me
Why you try to control me?
But you don’t know me
How come you just want to hurt me?
How come you just want to push me?
I can’t ignore you anymore
Cause everywhere I turn you
You burn me, you break me
You always want to take me down with you
What do you want from me?

Let Go


+Spellbound+ Toothbrush


7 Deadly s{K}ins Patience Limited Edition


[BUZZ] Celestial Eyes Avada & Sapphire

Eye Shadow

THD Saintly Shadows


:::LP::: OpenBack_Crop – Black // The Chapter Four


Paperbag. My Boyfriend’s Jeans 05 // Swag Fest

Waist Shirt

AMITOMO. Long T-shirt+Waist Shirt #set1 // The Chapter Four


DAPPA – Fiend Tattoo


REIGN – Empress Sandals Black (Slink Flat)

GAH – Cuteness

Mwuahs xxx