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Jan 1 2017…

It’s the first day of the year and like other years before I set myself an impossible task o rather it feels impossible…. Make this a better year be more involved be more Β creative learn new things. All things that don’t sound impossible right? But where do you start and how do you achieve this when the crippling weight of failure looms.Β 

Believe me I don’t want to fail I want this to be a positive year but last year seemed like one big step backwards in my SL existence. Does that mean my RL was better or was I just really SL lazy. In the end I want to be happy in both and enjoy the time I spend in SL with out feeling like I am letting RL down and vice versa.Β 

I hope I am not boring you all with my New Years Rant but I wanted to give a voice to my thoughts and hopefully help myself work through these ideas that come to me. Please feel free to give insight in anyway whether its deep and meaningful or even criticism I will gladly accept it all. I think in a way I crave interaction and to say that out loud for me is a good start to this year.

Jan 1 2017.jpg

Hair – little bones. CashmereΒ 
Head – CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9
Eyes- IKON Odyssey Eyes – Moor
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Top – Addams – Mesh Hipster Turtleneck – Maitreya
Skirt – Addams – Mesh Hipster Pleated Skirt – Maitreya
Shoes & Socks – Addams – Mesh Michele Shoes – Maitreya
Tied Waist –Addams – Mesh Hipster Cardigan – Maitreya
Β Destination – Maison de L’amitie

So I am totally loving the special gift from Addams for this season each day for 5 days I believe you go collect your envelope that gives you 5 discount cards to apply to any purchase from the store the discounts range dramatically. I personally got a few 23% discounts and that is pretty cool and I saw my lowest at 6% discount and even that is awesome. Thank you Addams for helping us spendaholics out!

Since I’ve been absent I’m unsure for how long this offer goes for so make sure you check it out. Because look how cute this is!

I wish every-one in second life a wonderful start to the year….lets hope this is an amazing year!!


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I do this for me…

You don’t care you don’t read these anymore so I could write a full essay about the hurt I’ve felt but you wouldn’t notice. I used to do this for you as a way of communication hoping you’d be able to read into the titles or the songs but not any more I do this for me…

I do this for me.png

What I’m Wearing

TRUTH HAIR – Austen – variety

**RE** Raven Ring Set Maitreya

Addams // Letter Old Jacket // Yellow @ Uber

Addams // Sophia Tank Top // Black

Addams // Real Worn Out Jeans // Black @ Uber

FLite.– Slouchy Bag (Black) – Common # 12 – Dec 15 Arcade

REIGN. Timber Heels – Black @ Uber

Booty Shot.png


Rowne.26 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn – Dec 15 Arcade


{PM} Thot

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I have a little country in me….

What an amazing afternoon spent exploring again just getting out there and visiting old places and seeing if they have grown over time or stayed the same and if they are the same do they still have the same feel. Id say yes to that visited an old favorite today and it still is such a beautiful sim to visit.

Now I just need to find a friend who wants to explore sims with me so I have some one to chat to whileΒ I’mΒ out there lol.

Country Full

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR – Avena – Browns

Skin ~ -Glam Affair- Mokatana Jamaica 04

Nails ~ .PUKI. My Long Round Nails

Body ~ Maitreya – Lara

Piercing ~ Hebenon Vial – Apostate [Holy] @ The Body Modification Expo

Bracelet ~ AITUI – Rocker Bracelet – Black

Top ~ Addams // Suede Foxy Top // Black

Shorts ~ Addams //Β EpiphanyΒ Short w/Belt // Ocean

Country half

Shoes ~ N-core AUBRY “Black” @ The Body Modification Expo

Pose ~ Bossie. Sheila Pose Set

Destination ~ Hazardous

Mwuahs xxx

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I deserve a do over….

It’s another one of those days where I really feel like I deserve a do over. Had no power most of the day which made me unable to do pretty much anything I wanted to do. You know when you look back on a day and wish you had decided to do something else…lol Yeah today was one of those.

Its okay though because I slept and did some spring cleaning in some cupboards and took myself out for lunch I should have gone and gotten a hair cut or did some shopping but I still have all of next week to do that as well.

So finally power comes on and after catching up on house work I jumped here to bring you this adorable outfit I have been wearing for a few days.

This round of Collabor88 has to be my favorite by far and I feel that most will agree.
When I dreamBesom – India *Browns* @ Collabor88

(Yummy) Dreamcatcher Set – Gold @ Collabor88

Now I really want to make a point here that this collection by Addams has to be the most amazing fitted Maitreya clothing I have purchased in a while….seriously I am in total awe.

Addams // Retro Bikini Top // Line SpaΒ 

Addams // Retro Bikini Short // Line SpaΒ @ Collabor88

Addama // Sophia Tank Top // White

.PUKI. My Long Round Nails . Maitreya. @ New!

!bang Surfboards – Poses

I adore this outfit and dont think I’ll be changing anytime soon it really makes me feel good πŸ™‚

Mwuahs xxx

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Im In Here

There are plenty of times in Second life were I stop and think that I must be invisible that I am just another face in the crowd that part takes in this social experiment.

I can stand in a crowded room and feel so alone.

Over the last week or so I have been feeling like that alot more and I have other moments where the amazing people in my rl wake me out of it.

I don’t do this to be sl famous I do this to express myself and express the creative side that I can’t really do anything about in rl.

So I went exploring and eventually came back to one of my favorite sims Winter Moon it was nice and quiet no lag so I got to really examine it…such a wonderful job done and such beauty.

I know it always makes me happy to explore and even happier to find new things in places I thought I knew like the back of my hand.

So I took a picture and loved it and wanted to share it with you all.

Im in Here

Hair ~ Magika NO

Skin ~ {AIMI} Skin Elisa Natural Clear

Freckles ~ Kibitz Perfect Beauty Marks // The Secret Affair

Outfit ~ Addams // Complete Outfit Mary

Destination ~ Winter Moon

Β Mwuahs xxx