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I Lost the Key to My Heart

I lost the key to my heart

Hair ~ +Spellbound+ Nightshade // Chapter III : Magic

Skin ~ .Birdy. Ali Pure // Vip Group Gift

Eyebrows ~ PMS #2 Eyebrows

Mouth ~ Nyam Nyam

Septum Ring ~ *Soonsiki! New Age Septum Ring

Dimple Piercing ~ :Z.S: Cheek Dimples with Piercings V2

Necklace ~ Kibitz – Apocalypse Necklace // The Secret Affair

Outfit ~ .t13. Soli Outfit Black Fitted Mesh // New Release

Bracer / Cuff ~ Kibitz Apocalypse Bracer & Cuff // The Secret Affair

Bag ~ Gatcha’s Bubble – My Bag Key Green Exclusive // Hustle & Flow (Starts April 4th)

Heels ~ **Dirty Princess** Gladiator Couture Mesh Boots (Slink High)

Poses ~ Del May

Destination ~ Home

Mwuahs xxx

Destinations Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin Slink The Secret Affair Womens Fashion

Im In Here

There are plenty of times in Second life were I stop and think that I must be invisible that I am just another face in the crowd that part takes in this social experiment.

I can stand in a crowded room and feel so alone.

Over the last week or so I have been feeling like that alot more and I have other moments where the amazing people in my rl wake me out of it.

I don’t do this to be sl famous I do this to express myself and express the creative side that I can’t really do anything about in rl.

So I went exploring and eventually came back to one of my favorite sims Winter Moon it was nice and quiet no lag so I got to really examine it…such a wonderful job done and such beauty.

I know it always makes me happy to explore and even happier to find new things in places I thought I knew like the back of my hand.

So I took a picture and loved it and wanted to share it with you all.

Im in Here

Hair ~ Magika NO

Skin ~ {AIMI} Skin Elisa Natural Clear

Freckles ~ Kibitz Perfect Beauty Marks // The Secret Affair

Outfit ~ Addams // Complete Outfit Mary

Destination ~ Winter Moon

Β Mwuahs xxx

Destinations Hair Jewellery Project Limited Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Slink The Secret Affair Uber Womens Fashion

More Than a Memory

I’ve become tired
Of Wasting my time
Thinkin’ about choices
That I’ve made
Cause I can’t move forward
While looking behind
The only thing I can do now is change the way
That I use to be
Cause now it’s seems
Crystal clear to me

It wasn’t fair
For me just to go
Act like I knew what you’ve been though
Cause I wasn’t there
And I’ll never know
Couldn’t see from
Your point of view
But I’m doing all I can
For you to see
That I understand

You’re so much more
Than a memory

Please don’t Go
Cause I finally know
That the past is gone
I know that I was wrong
I was wrong


More Than a Memory

Hair ~ little bones. Haute, Reds // The Secret Affair

Skin ~ Essences [Alice -Uber] Medium 02 // UBER

Freckles ~ Kibitz Perfect Beauty Marks // The Secret Affair

Β Necklace ~ Kibitz Silence Sphere Gold // The Secret Affair

Outfit ~ {Toxic Candy} Copine Sweater and Pants // NewΒ β™₯

Shoes ~ Remarkable Oblivion – Phalanx Wedges BrownΒ 

Bag ~ .random.Matter. Misha Olive // Project Limited

Watch & Bracelet ~ [MANDALA] Sitennoah White

Destination ~ City of HarrisonΒ 

RP Rules and Welcome

Mwuahs xxx

Hair Jewellery Poses Secondlife Fashion Shoes Skin Tattoo The Secret Affair Uber Womens Fashion

The Beautiful Let Down

It was a beautiful let down
When I crashed and burned
When I found myself alone unknown and hurt
It was a beautiful let down
The day I knew
That all the riches this world had to offer me
Would never do

In a world full of bitter pain and bitter doubt
I was trying so hard to fit in, fit in,
Until I found out
I don’t belong here
I don’t belong here
I will carry a cross and a song where I don’t belong
But I don’t belong

It was a beautiful let down
When you found me here
Yeah for once in a rare blue moon I see everything clear
I’ll be a beautiful let down
That’s what I’ll forever be
And though it may cost my soul
I’ll sing for free
We’re still chasin our tails and the rising sun
And our dark water planet’s
Still spinning in a race
Where no one wins and no one’s one

~ Switchfoot ~

The Beautiful Let Down 1

Hair ~ Soonsiki! Rebel

Head Tattoo ~ PMS Fly Like an Eagle // NewΒ β™₯

Skin ~ Essences [Alice – Uber] Medium 02 // UBER

Ears ~ [MANDALA] Unisex Steking Ears Season 5 // NewΒ β™₯

Necklace ~ Kibitz – Silence sphere necklace Blackened Steel // The Secret Affair

Phone ~ My Phone // MUSCHI

Top ~ Blueberry – Dawnee Sweater Cardigan Midnight // NewΒ β™₯

Jeans ~ Blueberry – Xale Mesh Skinny Jeans // NewΒ β™₯

Shoes ~ REIGN – Katya Flats black (Slink Flat)

Poses ~ 1 -no wow- [Wild thing] nr 4

2 Selfie Animation with Phone

Destination ~ HomeΒ β™₯

Mwuahs xxx

Cosmopolitan Sale Room Hair Secondlife Fashion Skin Style The Secret Affair Womens Fashion

Ssshhhh….its a Secret.

Never seek to tell thy love,
Love that never told can be;
For the gentle wind does move
Silently, invisibly.

I told my love, I told my love,
I told her all my heart;
Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears,
Ah! she did depart!

Soon as she was gone from me,
A traveler came by,
Silently, invisibly
He took her with a sigh.

William Blake

Im Fae_001


*Soonsiki* Raven //Β The Secret Affair


7 Deadly s{K}ins Patience Taupe


Static Lacey Suit White Β (all appliers) // CSR


[hh] Avril High Heel Booties


Pure Poison – Broken Wings // The Secret Affair


Noodles – Memoir Locket Gold w pose // The Secret Affair


Just taking a walk letting my wings feel the wind for a moment as I dream of you….

Mwuahs xxx