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_Nurse is Here_

“Nurse!” he called out he didn’t know where he was or what had happened and he was bewildered by the nurse as she walked into the room. “Ssshhhh now it will be okay let me take care of you” she smiled behind her mask her crazy eyes shining in the dim light as she reached towards him and jabbed him with an unknown concoction. She watched as his eyes got heavy and he drifted back into sleep…now she could get to work.

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TRUTH / Panny Hair
CURELESS[+] Surgeon Marks / OMEGA – Group Gift
Mug – Taylor Oxygen Mask
UniCult – Fractured Eyes & Makeup @ TDSF
Immortuos – Minima Brow
Ascendant – Brighten Stars Nails 02
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Hat ( Iridescent // 3 )
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Stethoscope ( Iridescent // 2 )
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Dress ( Iridescent // 2 ) Freya
[CX] Vicious Vaccine – Syringe
Hospital Room – Are You Scared? Backdrops – The Bearded Guy
>^OeC^< (N)eon – Cross (crate)

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Hair Makeup Secondlife Fashion The Dark Style Fair Womens Fashion

_I Know_

I know that sometimes it’s hard to breathe and you think you’re going to be swallowed up in the darkness. I know those days can be made worse but not having that reassurance that someone is there to grab you by the had and pull you out of the dark place. I know that if you are in that place you can just call me and I will be there to help because I have been there too.

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DOUX – Mecca Hairstyle
UniCult – Fractured Eyes & Makeup @ TDSF
Mug – Taylor Oxygen Mask
Blueberry – Ace Tops – Crop Top
/anxiety/ madness GROUPGIFT – Background