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Did some one say Pizza?

Stampede of me and my kitties as we head to grab pizza!!

But we made an unscheduled stop at the new round of the Gacha Garden and blew too much of our pizza money.


Doe: Vicky (solid) – Monotone @ The Gacha Garden

SOMEMORE Β / SaeBom mesh head 12 @ SaNaRae Event or extras on my MP Here!

!:Lybra:! Introverted Glasses Black @ The Gacha GardenΒ 

!:Lybra:!Β IntrovertedΒ Chker B/W @ The Gacha Garden

!: Lybra:! Introverted Sunday (Seed Of Inpiration) @ The Gacha Garden

The SOI or Seed Of Inspiration item is received after you play the same machine for 20 times.

Pizza 2

I have plenty of extras for The Gacha Garden so please check my MP!

#EMPIRE – Sakura Harness – Black @ The Kawaii Project

#EMPIRE – Sakura – Black @ The Kawaii Project

lassintude & ennui 2, 3, 13 – Mittens cats @ The Gacha Garden

Pizza 3


Clutter Home – Bruno’s Pizza Room Divider @ Hello Tuesday

Clutter – Tuscan Topiary ed.1 & ed2b. @ Cosmopolitan

Mwuahs xxx

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