Better late than never I say…

I have had so many issues with internet and sl over the last 2 weeks and its been 10 days since the last time I did a post and I’m sorry for that. Seriously though I have been wearing this outfit for over 2 weeks planning on blogging it because its so hot and I just couldn’t get on to do it.

Maybe its the universe telling me I needed a break…maybe lol

Wearing it.png

This gorgeous outfit is from E-Clipse – Gaza Jacket and Jumpsuit was available at the last round of Cosmopolitan so I’m hoping its already available at the main store for you all. I had it in Black and White and couldn’t decide which one I loved more. The cut is amazing giving you instant sex appeal with all that skin showing but also covering you up to leave some for the imagination. It comes in two parts with a jumpsuit and a jacket you could also be very bold and mix and match your colors .

I fell in love with how the jacket opens having it part by natural movement of your breasts and with just a little bling with the studs and button its a completely beautiful outfit that I know I will be coming back to time and time again.

It comes in a Maitreya fit, Slink Classic and Hourglass and 4 Standard sizes.

I had to match it up with some sexy black heels for Essenz I believe I got these ones from OMGacha so you may find the machine at the main store too.

And I can’t forget this hair…its been my go to for such a long time and will probably always will be. Gretchen by [taketomi].

Fingers crossed I can make it back in a bit Β more


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