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I deserve a do over….

It’s another one of those days where I really feel like I deserve a do over. Had no power most of the day which made me unable to do pretty much anything I wanted to do. You know when you look back on a day and wish you had decided to do something else…lol Yeah today was one of those.

Its okay though because I slept and did some spring cleaning in some cupboards and took myself out for lunch I should have gone and gotten a hair cut or did some shopping but I still have all of next week to do that as well.

So finally power comes on and after catching up on house work I jumped here to bring you this adorable outfit I have been wearing for a few days.

This round of Collabor88 has to be my favorite by far and I feel that most will agree.
When I dreamBesom – India *Browns* @ Collabor88

(Yummy) Dreamcatcher Set – Gold @ Collabor88

Now I really want to make a point here that this collection by Addams has to be the most amazing fitted Maitreya clothing I have purchased in a while….seriously I am in total awe.

Addams // Retro Bikini Top // Line Spa 

Addams // Retro Bikini Short // Line Spa @ Collabor88

Addama // Sophia Tank Top // White

.PUKI. My Long Round Nails . Maitreya. @ New!

!bang Surfboards – Poses

I adore this outfit and dont think I’ll be changing anytime soon it really makes me feel good 🙂

Mwuahs xxx

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