Cosmopolitan Decor Group Gift Poses

Breaking free from the rut and having some fun.

As you all know I have the best blogging partner in Corina she is soo much fun and soo perfect to work with….she works soo hard to get everything right for Cosmopolitan everyday and soo I love when I get to grab her for some blogging and we get to break free and have some fun.

Today is just as much fun as every other soo we decided to relax chill and chat and enjoy these summer days.

Having fun

Look at how adorable this pose is we fell in love with it soo much and I can assure you that you and your best friend will too go grab this from [ILAYA] (Best Friend [heart] Β from Cosmopolitan.

And this Gorgeous Hammock Set from Striped Mocha is the perfect addition to any chill area plenty of poses to enjoy.

Also there is this perfect Group Gift available at Cosmopolitan for this week by Cinphul these gorgeous pots of Lavanda.

So what are you waiting for jump to Cosmopolitans Bi-Weekly event now and have some fun.

fun together

Mwuahs xxx

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