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I will do it my way.

So lately I have been going through alot of change with in my sl and my blogging different ways I set up my blog pics and such. I had some one jump into my ims on fb to tell me that IΒ shouldn’tΒ change it all the time that I should pick oneΒ way to do them and stay with that way only.


I have wondered about this and even posted a question out to the fb world but alas like most of my fb posts it was ignored and Β and I got no responses so I still have no idea?

I wonder what is liked in posts with blogging would the general public prefer no background just aΒ plainnessΒ and the focusΒ being on the clothing? Or do people prefer to see a lovely destination as they look at the clothing worn?

Who knows all that I know is that I will continue doing my posts and my pics the way I do them if I feel like changing it up I will and its as simple as that. But seriously if you have some ideas I would love to hear about them:) Thank you.

Until then I will enjoy exploring sims and taking pretty pictures.

Relax there is nothing to see


Hair ~ (Chemistry) Hair – Min HUD 1


Head ~ Lelutka Mesh Head – Karin

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Ears ~ [MANDALA] Steking Ears

Eyes ~ :Diamante: Fairytale Mesh Eyes ( Black) // * Dream Fair*

Jewelry ~ [Modern.Couture]Jewelry – Chacal Black // The Showroom

Tattoo ~ .Identity. Body Shop – Mermaid Tale // The Showroom

Hoodie ~*Katat0nik* (Black) Summer Hoodie (fitmesh) // C88

Lingerie ~ {Six Essence} Jasmine Lingerie Black // ||5th Avenue||

Heels ~ {Six Essence} Leona Slink High // Olala Event

Pose ~ [La Baguette] QueCalor poses

Destination ~ JamaicaΒ 

Mwuahs xxx

6 replies on “I will do it my way.”

Your posts are always so good and lovely.. I’ve changed things too and honestly, its all about what YOU like to see. Each design and creation will give off its own vibe, so go with it. Experiment, have fun and find your groove. I think doing things one way can be boring.. and that’s the last thing you want because its supposed to be fun and creative.. πŸ™‚

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Tess said it perfectly! Do what makes you happy, lovely lady. Some people are super consistent with how they blog things, and others like to mix it up, and that’s what makes blog reading so diverse and interesting. I always look forward to your posts, and I think you do a wonderful job! ❀

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Oh my goodness, so many of my favorite people in Second Life are turning out to be Australian! I think it’s a sign; first I get wildly hooked on MasterChef Australia (superior to every other version, truefax) and now I keep meeting lovely Aussies in the virtual world. I think I need to strap on a cravat and head to your side of the world! πŸ˜€

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