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Feeling Lost….How do I find myself

Last couple of days have been a little hard and I don’t know how to even start to explain it really just a feeling of being lost and unsure of who I am and why I am here doing what I do. 

I don’t make an impact there is nothing special that I do that hundreds of others don’t do as well I do make a wow statement I am just me and I just do what I do.

Even just reading that above sentence doesn’t make sense but its exactly how I feel.

I’m tired and lonely and really have those moments that if I just disappeared I know it wouldn’t matter, there would be no people asking where I was or wondering what had happened everyone’s lives would just go on as normal.

Maybe one day some one might accidentally remember me and have a passing thought but it wouldn’t be anything of importance just a momentary thought lost again.

Now I’m not writing this for attention I am writing this because it my blog its my way of expressing myself its a way of helping myself visualize my thoughts so that I can process them and help myself.

I think we all have these moments some stick with you and some can be easily fixed with the love and friendship we build…..maybe that’s the answer I need to get out more and make new friends and hope that I don’t get hurt all over again.

We shall see if I find myself again.

Feeling Lost


Hair ~ little bones. Lose Count – Browns

Skin ~ **PUMEC  INGA Skin Spring // We

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Outfit ~ [Twinkle] Just Like You (Shoes Included)

Bracelets ~ :Diamante: Provocative Reloaded Bangles // Indulgence BDSM &KINK Fair

Pose ~ Del May – In Between

Destination ~ Sinners Heaven

Mwuahs xxx

4 replies on “Feeling Lost….How do I find myself”

/me hugs Kirra and takes her out for prim ice cream!

You said: “I don’t make an impact there is nothing special that I do that hundreds of others don’t do as well …” — but that’s not true, K! Everyone has their own substance and style, and you bring your own unique vision and voice to everything you do here on your blog, and out in the real world as well.

Your feelings of loneliness and disconnection are totally understandable; funny how we can feel disconnected in a virtual world with 40,000 or more people logged in at any given time, but it’s totally possible! Feel free to ping me in-world any time, always happy to chat and hang out! And if nothing else, I’m more than happy to perch on a sky platform somewhere and watch a virtual fashion show. You can make ME “soo jelly” of all your fabulous digital pretties! ^_^

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Thank you Ever for taking the time to actually read my blog. I have really needed to hear those kind words from some one and am truly grateful. Im hoping I can get out of my little slump soon I dont like feeling like this but I am glad I am able to express myself through my blogs. And you are more than welcome to come hang out with me any time 🙂 Thank you again xxx

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Anytime, chica! You can rescue me from my endless hours spent naked in sandboxes unpacking ALL OF THE THINGS. Haha!

Keep on expressing yourself, love to read blogs with unique points of view and where people share their thoughts and perspectives. Sending you good vibes and warm thoughts! ❤

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