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Arenas Del Paraiso

One of the most amazing things about Second Life is the spectacular vision and creativity that so many people get to show us, today I got to experience one of the most spectacular resort experiences ever.

Welcome to Arenas Del Paraiso

Arenas Del Paraiso (meaning Sands of Paradise) is a beautiful resort city in an incredible environment of lush tropical foliage. Arenas Del Paraiso has a unique charm especially when coupled with the warm weather, amazing food, and hospitality of the Staff.

Title Pic

I know what your thinking already and we havent even started…..

Breathtaking views the water is calling for you you just want to relax already kick off those shoes and slip into a swimsuit and laze.

Upon arrival I was greeted with such warmth I felt welcomed straight away. I was helped to get settled into my beautiful bungalow on the water and then was given a tour of the Island.

There was so much to do but where to get started….


Getting back from my tour I unpack and headed out to dinner at the Amazing K O I Fusion Restaurant where I got to experience the most amazing flavours matched perfectly with intoxicating wine.

You can have your choice from fresh Sushi to fine dinning enjoy all the delicious pleasures of the Island life.


Remember this is your getaway you get to decide on what you want to do…..want to do it all you can …want to relax and soak in the sun you can …want to experience things you may never get to experience again…well you can.

I know the one thing that really caught my eye was the dolphin experience…feeding them would have been enough to blow my mind but Arenas Del Paraiso has more for you.

Qualified staff to help you have the most amazing dolphin experience imaginable.

Swim with the Dolphins get right up close and personal. I met Magic Mike today and had the most wonderful time I was amazed at how up close I was able to get…..well let the pictures show you.


After swimming with the Dolphins I got to see an amazing trick performance as well.Β 

I truly didnt ever want to leave I was so in awe of these amazingly smart creatures making you instantly happy.

I enjoy the afternoon relaxing with them.


But for those adrenaline junkies who want to live life to its fullest…well your not left out.

Arenas Del Paraiso has a wide range of activities for you to explore and scream about.


This looks like funΒ doesn’tΒ it and whyΒ wouldn’tΒ you want to share this wonderful experience with some one you love.

Arenas Del Parisio is the perfect place to come for that romantic getaway for two for a honeymoon or to just show how much you love them.

Located all over the Island are gorgeous areas to explore to cuddle and even experience the full abundance of your love.

Secluded bungalows and secret grottos gorgeous pools and waterfalls and even a nude beach help make this Resort truly something for everyone.

So much more

There are so many different packages available to suit every ones needs and the amazing helpfulness of the staff means if there is anything you want they will do what they can to ensure you have the best possible stay.

Here are a few of the packages that are available.

Weekend Getaway Package L$ 2000
3-Night Stay

Beach Access
Hang Gliding
Wine Tasting (Optional)

Scuba and Snorkel Package L$ 3000
3-Night Stay

Guided scuba and snorkeling
Bungee jumping
7 Seas Fishing
Beach Access

Romance Package L$8000
5-Night Stay

Couples Massage in suite or spa
Wine Tasting
Guided ATV Tour of Arenas
Bungee Jumping
Couples Hang Gliding
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Nude Beach Access

For more information you can check the website

or contact Rajahn Stipe or Inari Dimante (Anaiyah Khalim) inworld.

fun in the sun

Mwuahs xxx

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