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Losing My Heart

Soo Valentines is around the corner once again and since I am terrible at posting things closer to the time when I have a fun idea in my mind I decided to do a cute post today to show off this adorable outfit from [Twinkle]. You’ll find it in a range of colors to suit your mood, Β I chose red as it really stands out.

So I was planing some sexy poses but then remembered I don’t do sexy all that well and went with some fun instead finding these ones from !bang in my inventory and loving them.

:Diamante: has a new belly piercing out which is super sexy and comes with that amazing HUD to change the metals and colors for any outfit.

Also the Jack and Jill Hunt is on again and you don’t want to miss out on this as it has a path for guys and girls. Im wearing the Dark Days Tattoo by PMS in dark which can be worn unisex and it comes with appliers πŸ™‚

Super pleased I have such an awesome partner to help me out with the sexiness quota Jaymz was more than happy to help me in this post…..I wonder why?

Losing my heart

Hair ~ little bones. Dark Chapel – Browns

Outfit ~ [Twinkle] With Love – Red // NewΒ β™₯

Tattoo ~ PMS – Dark Days // Jack and Jill Hunt Starts Feb 1st

Piercing ~ :Diamante: Pheromones – Abdominal Piercing // NewΒ β™₯

Heels ~ [ Infliction ] Pepper Heels Red // NewΒ β™₯

Poses ~ !bang – be my dreamΒ 

!bang – here

Destination ~ HomeΒ β™₯

Mwuahs xxx

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