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When my heart skips a beat I can sense him near

Tonights post is what its all about having fun laughing out loud and actually enjoying my time spent in sl.

Just when I needed that lift ….in so many ways.

Sitting here in the house trying to unpack and put things in there place when all of a sudden I hear a noise a very familiar noise that fills my heart with so much glee…..

I run to the window and look out hoping and praying that what I heard wasn’t my mind playing those tricks on me.

My heart jumps to my throat and I squeel with excitement my heart races as my feet find their way down the stairs and out to the forest beside our house…..

He’s here he’s come back for me….


I can feel the heat of the wood as my hands run along the familiar grain.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief as it feels like home like a peace has come over me…..

But where is he why hasnt he opened the door

That rude cheeky man is making me wait all over again…..well two can play this game.

[03:07] Κ†Ζ›Ζ³MΘ€ Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (jaymzanderson): Hey , so um like you wanna take a ride.
[03:07] Ζ˜Ζ–Ζ¦Ζ¦Ζ› Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (kirrafrantic): Pfft
[03:07] Κ†Ζ›Ζ³MΘ€ Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (jaymzanderson): So you don’t want to take a ride with me see the stars ?
[03:08] Ζ˜Ζ–Ζ¦Ζ¦Ζ› Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (kirrafrantic): No you made me wait now you can wait for me.
[03:08] Κ†Ζ›Ζ³MΘ€ Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (jaymzanderson): I wait for no one I am sure I can find some one else to go with me
[03:08] Ζ˜Ζ–Ζ¦Ζ¦Ζ› Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (kirrafrantic): Nooooo
[03:08] Ζ˜Ζ–Ζ¦Ζ¦Ζ› Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (kirrafrantic): I wanna come take me with you
[03:08] Κ†Ζ›Ζ³MΘ€ Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (jaymzanderson): Hahaha I knew it
[03:09] Κ†Ζ›Ζ³MΘ€ Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (jaymzanderson): Shall we
[03:09] Ζ˜Ζ–Ζ¦Ζ¦Ζ› Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (kirrafrantic): Yes Please xxxx
[03:09] Κ†Ζ›Ζ³MΘ€ Ζ›ΖΖŠΠ„Ζ¦Ζ§Ζ Ζ (jaymzanderson): As you wish my love .



What an amazing adventure travelling between times and planets with him……till next time.


On Me

Hair ~ Magika NoΒ 

Dress ~ Noodles Geronimo Dress // Leaf on the Wind

Shoes ~ *~*HopScotch*~* Blue Box Flats

On Jaymz

Outfit ~ FATEplay Β Matt Original

Tardis ~ *~*HopScotch*~* The Madman’s Big Blue Box!

Lots of Poses.

Pose ~ Exposeur – Chalkboard No Loss or Words // The Liason Collaborative

Mwuahs xxx

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