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We are all Unique

Another day another exploration…..sitting here searching the map for somewhere I have never been…there are so many areas and I am overwhelmed with options.

I close my eyes and point at the screen where I land is where I go today 🙂

Battery Passage Light House 

Battery Passage Light House

Upon arriving I could see it was stunning we climbed the stairs and Spike ran a head to run across the open grassy field he was loving the freedom of it. Full pelt as fast as his little legs could take him all the way to the light house and then quick turn and back again. 

He was puffed I was glad I knew he would be safe there and I could let him have his fun with out me chasing him…besides I wasn’t wearing the right shoes.

View from the Light House

The view from the light house is amazing Bay City looks so Beautiful from up here 🙂

Light House

Hair ~ ~*Damselfly*~ Brock Unisex // KittyCats Adven Calendar @ The Loft

Skin ~ [PUMEC] VLADA Summer // Free Gift

Outfit ~ RD Style Marjorie #1 // The Unique Mini Fair Christmas

Jewellery ~ Eye Gems, Frosted Romance Earrings, Moonlit Brooch Ring and Necklace. //:Diamante:

Friend ~ Alchemy/Birdy Chi Chi Chihuahua Spike

I hope you enjoyed your day out with me.

Mwuahs xxx

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