Cosmopolitan Fifty Linden Friday Hair Shape Skin

I need this to feel alive.

Its cold you can see the frost you can feel the chill as you step outside to a new world covered in snow.

No matter how bad the day before was once you close your eyes the world transforms and the new day comes and its a clean slate.

The bite in the air crisp and clean as you see your breath it makes you feel alive gives you a renewal to the day.

I need this….

I like it Cold

Hair ~ .Olive. the Ryleigh II Hair Christmas Dream // FLF

Choker ~ .Olive. the Twinkle Light Choker // FLF

Shape ~ ::[annaA]:: Claudia

Skin ~ ::[annaA]:: Claudia tanned

Outfit ~ NS:: CooL Outfit  (70 L all Inclusive boots and mittens)// Cosmopolitan

Destination ~ Let It Snow! Isles of Lyonesse

Mwuahs xxx

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