:Diamante: FaMESHed Hair Skin We <3 RP!

The Misery

Second life is a strange placeΒ that’sΒ for sure cause no matter how many times you get hurt there is always thatΒ glimmer of hope that it won’t happen to you again.

Time and time again I let myself open up and again and again I get trampled on and made to feel like I am worthless.

I think its all that much harder to take when you truly believe that it wont happen and then it does.

I guess what I find the most Β interesting about this is not what happened to cause the pain but that it seems I am getting used to it and becoming friends with the misery.


Hair ~ *Soonsiki ~ Habit *Colors* // FaMESHed

Skin ~ [PUMEC] Anastasia Spring

Ears ~ [MANDALA] Pierced Elf Ears

Head Jewell ~ .Pekka. Aida Head dress Blackened Steel // We<3RP

Dress ~ :Diamante: Inspiration Sweater Dress

Boots ~ :Diamante: Inspiration Leg Warmer Boots

Shoulder Pads ~ C ha r y Ares Guards Black

Tights ~ C h a r y Black Gradient Tights

The Misery

Mwuahs xxx

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