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My Way “Cause Im a Princess”

So many times I’ve had it stated to me …you should do it like this you should use this type of program you should look like this….

Well No I am sorry I will take your advice but in the end I will do it my way I will look the way I want to look and do what I feel it right for me and what I do.

Now I’m not saying I haven’t changed a little that I haven’t taken this advice on board but I will always do it My Way

My Way

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIRΒ ~ Althea

Skin ~ 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DC Madelyn // Designer Circle

Facial Piercings ~ :Diamante: Trilogy Mouth Piercing

Ears ~ [MANDALA] Stretched Ears

Top ~ [ Infliction ] Hollow Tee Princess

Rings ~ :Diamante: Knuckle Bruisers Bitch

Jeans ~ .t13. Refocus Jeans Princess

Heels ~ :Diamante: Torture (Slink High)

Oh I love this outfit I feel soo comfy and soo meΒ 

Mwuahs xxx

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