I just wanted to Party…

Come to a party they said ….Dress up they said… Its Halloween after all why not dress up and have a little fun.

Soo my friends gave me a map to get to the party place and I followed it for a bit then I realized I was going the long way and in these heels it was going to hurt and I wanted to dance I wanted to have a good time….sooo why not take the short cut why not skip across the section on the map that said do not enter….I mean how bad could it be really?

I was wrong soo wrong…I could here a deep moan a long sad groan and as I turned around I saw it…it was hideous and I could see it wanted to kill me.


I wasnt about to stay and get eaten after all the effort I had gone to to dress up and look all cute and sexy.

I just want to party


TRUTH Hair Vixen


Everything is included including different hair
Outfit also has a full mesh nurse dress.

VIP CREATIONS – Nurse Uniform (lola app)

Its behind me isnt it

So I made a run for it as quick as these heels could take me….luckily I made it all the way there.

My friends didnt believe me when I told them about what happened.

I dont care it happened I know it did and I am never going to forget.

Lesson learned..Always follow the map.

Mwuahs xxx

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