Twisted tail of the comet…

This is for my friend no longer here
Pick up signal in the atmosphere

Look away look above stargazer
From where you’re sent to me unclear

A comet with a twisted tail
From on high resounding wail
Logical master constant truth Cosmic master slight of hoof

Look away look above stargazer
From where you’re sent to me unclear
Books of plays discover amazer Your vision lives eternal here

Turn up guitar begin to play and I cheer
Sounds so much better when we’re up here
With your hands you shine back light I see you in the stars at night

D’amour in my heart to stay
Up until my last day
Too soon my friend taken away
Adieu my friend taken away

Please don’t take my friend away.

Twisted Tail of The Comet



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Stay tuned for more goodies from The Candy ShopΒ 

Mwuahs xxx

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