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Now I think I understand
How this world can overcome a man
Like a friend we saw it through
In the end I gave my life for you

Gave you all I had to give
Found a place for me to rest my head
While I may be hard to find
Heard there’s peace just on the other side

Left this life to set me free
Took a piece of you inside of me
All this hurt can finally fade
Promise me you’ll never feel afraid

I hope it’s worth it
Here on the highway, yeah
I know you’ll find your own way
When I’m not with you
So tell everybody
The ones who walk beside me, yeah
I hope you’ll find your own way
When I’m not with you tonight

-Avenged Sevenfold



Magika [01] Tendency


[PUMEC] Marina Autumn


:::ChicChica::: Vivien


..::NN::.. Mesh Autumn Leaves Sweater Dress // Four Seasons Market Autumn Event


[Fetch] Leafed Necklace //Β Four Seasons Market Autumn Event


{aimiable} Mouton Long boots Gacha 3 //Β Four Seasons Market Autumn Event


Frozen Poses Leaves //Β Four Seasons Market Autumn Event

I think you can see a theme here my absolute love for all things Autumn.

I wanna send a big thank you to Morgan Β for sending me theses boots I adore them and they fit perfectly.

Mwuahs xxx

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