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Girl I know…

Let me tell ya ’bout a girl I know
That comes alive when you take off her clothes
There’s no tellin’ just where she’s been
Ask around but no one seems to know, yeah

Late at night when you’re looking for sin
Call her up and she’ll lay down the law
You can’t trust her ’cause she’ll lie to your face
But that’s not why you gave her a call

We’ve all been more than eager to sin
And it feels alright, ’til we pay the price
Now you choose either naughty or nice
‘Cause she’s here for you
It’s all yours tonight
You won’t believe the stories I’ve been told
About a girl I know

Girl I know


^;^CaTwA^;^ Ruby


[PUMEC] Ensya Summer


.random.Matter. & Buzzeri Arya


[ Infliction ] Very Mini Dress Black


LaGyo Morgan Clutch Silver // C88


[Twinkle] Fancy Stilettos (Slink High)

You know that moment you step out and you get busted ….giggles.

Mwuahs xxx

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