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Who They Are…

Unleash the breath that damned wicked soul
Make the sacrifice for good
An omen passed the flame through the night
Benefit the figures face without thorns

Gaze upon thy gate
A spirit finds a light
Embrace it with its burning tears
Howling, crawling, falling, inside

Beyond an bound
The spirit rise and disappeared into the light
Covered by a shadow face
Vengeance’s for the traitors are thine

Who they are


Β Clawtooth: Fade into You – Prize 7 Coco // The Arcade


.::WoW Skins::. Eshe Bronze // CSR


::BAD:: Lana Top Solid (lola App) // CSR


[orage] Pretty Bum Trib jeans Denim // CSR Β 


[ Obscure ] – Bang!ThigBag (Black/silver) // CSR

Hand Jewels

**FORMANAILS** Designe Ring Blume (slink) // CSR


*REIGN – Petal Hoppers Solid (Slink Flat)

Its felt like forever since I did a post I have been so caught up in the beauty of finding a perfect house and decorating it and relaxing with those that matter.

I wanna send a big thank you out to Morgan for being there for me you have helped me alot xxx

Mwuahs xxx

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