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Sick Of Hanging On…

First you tell me it’s over,
Then you try to get me to stay.
I’m so confused,
What am I gonna do?
You pull me in so you can push me away?
The minute you tell me you need me,
But it’s right before you walk out the door!
You’re hot then you’re cold, now the game’s getting old
Who am I supposed to be anymore?

I can’t wait forever!
To know if we’re together
I’m sick of hanging on
Anything sounds better
Than waiting on you forever
I’m sick of hanging on
I’m sick of hanging on

Sick of Hanging On


Clawtooth :Hairspray Baby // C88


7 Deadly s{K}ins – Patience – Limited Edition (If you havent guessed I love this skinΒ β™₯)

Eye Shadow

THD – Saintly Shadows V4


DAPPA – Lotus

Bangles & EarringsΒ 

Maxi Gossamer Neon ChuChu // C88


LaGyo_Morgan Clutch Aqua // C88


RD Style Dorothy Outfit #1 // The Unique Varied EventΒ 

I wasnt so sure about the colours of Miami…I was wrong to doubt I love it I love the brightness .

Mwuahs xxx

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