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Just One

I wanna live
I wanna leave
I wanna open up and breathe
I wanna go
I wanna be
I wanna feel it constantly
Gotta show
Gotta stay
I’ve gotta feeling that won’t go away
I’ve gotta know
If they got away
My opportunities

Just one,
Chance is all I ever wanted
Just one,
Time I’d like to win the game
From now on,
I’d take the chance if I can have it
Just one, just one

Just One


TRUTH Hair – Malibu


{AIMI} Skin Ella Chocolate


Auricle Mesh Ear ({AIMI} Skin has appliers)


[hh] Lexie Complete Outfit (Slink High) Β Only 50L //Β Hello TuesdayΒ 


-David Heather- Kababagga Satchel/blood //Β Group Gift


Cant go past an awesome buy for only 50L

Mwuahs xxx



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