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Welcome Home

Soo I know I have a problem….yeah I am addicted to decorating my house and land.Β 

I have pulled it down so many times and rebuilt haha I dont care its time consuming and peaceful.Β 

I can lose myself in my music as I edit and position everything I want in my way.

Its so easy to get lost in in when you have no one there to distract you.

But its also soo easy to do when you have such good support.

A big Thank you to my boy Angel who knows that there are times when I need to see another human form but I dont necessarily need to talk lol.

So I thought that because I spent 6 hours yesterday building this I had better take some pics as a memory before I get that OCD urge to pull it down and start again.

Welcome Home πŸ™‚


If you cant tell I love trees and flowers so I needed them everywhere and funny enough trees and flowers take longer then the inside of the house lol I am so picky but I love how it turned out the paths lead to all theΒ favoriteΒ places around the land from the house to theΒ beach to the privateΒ bathroomΒ to theΒ gypsy’sΒ caravan and even to Angels Room.


Inside is just filled with all my favourite pieces I have collected recently and even pieces I have had for a long time. A huge collection of gorgeous pieces from Apple Fall and tarte. I wish I could name it all and maybe one day I will have the patience to do so but I am soo not good enough to be a design blogger lol so I will just show off my prettys this way.

Welcome Home

Now onto my other pretty things for you.

I want to do a big shout out to Rose the designer for Olive I suggest you go check out her story HERE Β and help out….this hair and many other items will be available to help.


.Olive. the Valena Hair // Olive You Fundraiser


[whatever] Teeth 2.0 – normal


[Buzz] Celestial Eyes Sapphire // Kustom9


KITJA CHERIE – Abbie Top & Skirt Blue // Kustom9


Pure Poison – Olivia Sandals (Slink Flat) // Olive You Fundraiser

I believe that every one needs a break when we can help we should.

Mwuahs xxx

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