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Truth Hurts

One more drink, one more pill
Just one more line to make me feel
Like I have something left to give
β€˜Cause without it I’m just giving in

This vicious circle has no end
It spirals down and descends into hell
There’s nothing here that can save me now
I’m coming up just to come back down

Truth Hurts


little bones. Two Weeks no.2 DipDye&Fades //Β 


[PUMEC] Marina Autumn


Missnoise_style Crop Tank Vampire //Β CSR


.PANIK. My BodySuit Black // GG


-SSW- Shib 02 Pumps Slink High //Β CSR


:Diamante: Agony Facial Piercing


PMS Gacha //Β Summer Bash Event


{ZOZ} Natural Touch French Polish //Β CSR

Truth Hurts_011

Its those dark alleys we were warned about that I feel the most at home in…

Mwuahs xxx

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