Hair Secondlife Fashion The Chapter Four


Im sorry I havent been posting much lately I have been so busy in the rl thing we do each day and then when I do get into sl I feel so alone and end up logging to go read or something. 

Im hoping I can get my mojo back this week Ive had a heap of time to think and I really believe that after a little rest I can get back into what I love to do full swing.

I’m here again
A thousand miles away from you
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own
I’ve lost so much along the way



:Exile: Blown Away 


(r)M ~(skin) Maple, No14 ~ (1) Ivy, Freckles


/t r a u m / Open Shoulder tassel op <black> // TCF

I dont even like this post Ive done lol 

Oh this is going to be a long few days

Mwuahs xxx

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