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Life Starts Now

You say you feel so down,
Every time I turn around
You say you should’ve
Been gone by now,
You think that everything’s wrong,
Ask me how to carry on,
We’ll make it through
Another day
Just hold on

Cause Life Starts now…

Hanging around_005

On Me


Mina – Sophia //Β CSR


OSITO Necklace Dress Print Purple Β 50L //Β Hello Tuesday

Hanging around_004


Decor Junction 100% Mesh Fountain //Β CSR

Shutter Field Seat in Light and Mini Garden //Β CSR

[we’re CLOSED] Leather Swing / Cream //Β CSR Exclusive

Hanging around_006

I adore all these items for my own private garden just a beautiful peacefulΒ place to unwind and relax.

Plenty of fun animations with the [we’re CLOSED] swing and single and couple animations with the Shutter Field seat.Β 

Perfect time of the year to sit outside you had better run down to cosmo and pick these up.


Mwuahs xxx

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